Tuesday, May 26, 2009

.apa khabar agaknya.

Apa khabar agaknya di sini. Ows..lupa..sudah lama x update..jadi tak ada apa-apa.. ;P


It's not that i dont want to update, (if you've the update of my blog you might notice, there was one titled 'a nobody' that i posted, like, 2 weeks ago. However then i rethink and decided it's too personal and too deep into the cerebra of mine, thus the deletion from page) it's just that there wasnt much going on, and i was in pre-depression (self-diagnosed, so more like mengada-ngada punya paranoia of not doing well in everything), i figured if i post, they'll be like, just pure whinings and babblings and complains for every entries. (it was said that complains, babbles and such may reduce our productivity by 30%) haha

So i thought maybe i could just save u guys from the boring babbles of mine in your exam month, and save myself from being the outbreaker of the negative aura~ hehe.

To make it up, i'll TRY to be more of a constant blogger AFTER the selanjar 2 (like the final for 2nd year) exam. To dearies who's not in my kuliah, my course has just have our 1st paper today, (i) the OSCE (on spot clinical examination) which i can say...... nothing about. ;P There will be 3 more papers, (ii) the SEQ (short essay Q) (iii) the OSCE clinical (for physical examination) and the (iv) the MCQ (you know what). And all will end on 28th of May. Oh cepat-cepat lah..

And so..what had been in the prev 2 months? Nada.. Well, there were a few things, but i'm not that keen on recalling and telling, for the time being. Hehehehe.. I'll just share more AFTER exam yah? Thanks for reading fellas!

C ya soon! :)

Btw: he called a little more often now. I am a happy bunny. v(^^)v

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  1. hey you! welcome back! ;)

    I totally understand the pre-depression part. :p

    anyway, hope u'll get better soon once the exam's over.
    good luck! :D