Saturday, September 25, 2010

.Thank you, my most beloveds.

Saya tidak pernah ada cellphone yang ada memory card. Sekarang saya tuan punya.

Alhamdulillah.. Terima kasih, mama dan baba yang memahami.

Selamat tiga ratus ringgit (dah hampir ke KB Mall petang ini untuk beli cellphone baru), hanya dengan berkongsi cerita dengan ibubapa.



Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh shite.

First of all, the queen's team was denied in the ultimate battle of the remaining Europes. So i'm not in a mood for a celebration though i was in love with Schweinstiger back in prev FIFAWC days. I'm no expert in football so i can't really comment on how the game went but i know England didn't play up to their standard and the ref's call on Lampard's goal was crappy. As Amin Uloom has stated in his facebook, Subkhidin from Malaysia could've made a better call. Grrr..

Second, i'm in deep shite that i havent finish up the report for the first phase of our elective project. And tomorrow, we're going to visit the school in Bangsar for the second phase already. I'm gearing up and speeding with the keyboard punching so that i'd be until the conclusion part before Subuh dawn on me. Earlier before i was doing a sewing project for Didi (talk about procrastination with the elective stuffs), but then i realised there weren't enough material to finish it by tonight. So i'll try to find the missing part tomorrow at Tasheng's and get it done before i board the bus to KL. Hope i'd complete it by then. Hope i'll complete them ALL by tomorrow. :D

And owh, i now know what retweet means. heheh. I'm on Twitter now. For those with a twitter account, follow me @chibiblupblup! Tengs! :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Assalamualaikum & good day. :)

Sekarang Brazil dan Portugal sedang lawan untuk 1st round FIFA World Cup. Sepanjang separuh masa pertama tadi dah 6 kad kuning dikeluarkan kepada pemain. Saya tak tahu apa masalah pengadil tu. Suka sangat bagi kad. Saya harap Brazil menang sebab tengok perlawanan Brazil sebelum ni dua-dua defend dan strikernya quite good. Deserves to win. Lagipun saya ramal (haha ok saya tak pakar, tapi sebab tengok juga World Cup, so nak ramal juga.) Argentina dan Brazil masuk final. Hopefully ramalan tersebut menjadi kenyataan. Saya sokong Argentina sebab saya suka Maradona. heheh.. Ok tu ja. We'll see how it goes.

Go go Brazil!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So, umm..

Assalamualaikum and good day, people.

Have you ever been warned, "don't immerse yourself in too much joy for sorrow will follow.."

Atau dalam bahasa Melayunya, "suka suka, nangis..."

Well it might a little, applied to me right now.

Remember how happy i was in my last entry? It didn't last that long since i lost 3 of my cute lil guppies right after i came back from KL. :'(

I bought myself those guppies in May when i decided i might be a lil lonely if i were to stay and study at home along the sem break. Had a hemisphere see-through bowl for them, a classic, added a few waterplants, and calling it their home - although after a while felt pity for them to swim in such tiny house and when i have money i want them to have a better spaced tank. Tapi tak sempat.. huaaaaa!!!! sobs.

I couldn't believe i forgot to take them with me to Kuantan. So far i've travelled with them whenever we left our house unattended, like going back to kampung, stay in KL and such. But that day i somehow forgot about them altogether, leaving them 3 days without food. Omg i was being cruel! I tought about them when i was in Kuantan, wishing they would still be okay. How wrong i was when i came back and saw 2 of my gupppies floating with their tiny tummy facing the surface. :'( I quickly sprinkled the fish food for the only one left. But she's not eating. Maybe she's too upset to eat, or she just hates me by then. I cleaned the bowl, gave her fresh environment, sprinkled more food, but after a while she still didn't eat it. And to add salt to the wound, she died the day after. :'( Bubbye me guppies... I named them but since i didn't recognize the fishes anyway, i gave up the names. I haven't even taken pictures with them for the memories.

Oh how can i be this mean?? What am i going to answer when i'm being questioned on the Judgement Day for being irresponsible of three unfortunate lives that i have caused to end? I can only pray that they'll be happier wherever they are now and that i may be forgiven.

I'm sorry guppies..truly am.. :'(

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

.all good.

Alhamdulillah.. :)

Thank you Allah for the neverending joy He keep supplying this humble life of mine.

I'm really a happy bunny in these 2 days and so. On Friday my whole family (and by whole i mean parents, me and my lil bro. muehehe..) went to Kuantan to visit Abg Chik in Gambang matriculation college. We kidnapped him after the Jumaat prayer, (although he's not suppose to go out cz they have JPP stuffs going on in the evening of the day, but somehow he managed to get through the mak guard) and went shopping in East Coast Mall. After the mall my bros and I we set out to the GSC for Toys Story 3 - which is sooooooooo worth it. I really won't mind watching it again.

The three of us have always been fans of the Toys Story movies (anyone isn't?) and the characters, so watching the sequel in the cinema is something that we just MUST do. And as always, the Toys Story 3 is everything we thought it would be. The characters are so alive, with distinct personality and 'humane qualities' they each uniquely posses, the storyline are brilliant for all 3 movies, and I love TS3 particularly for its combination of thrill action, comedy and drama. All put together so effortlessly entertaining. It's sad however that the toys are not with Andy anymore, since he's going to college and all. The last scene are so saddening i had to really refrain myself from letting the tears come out - since it's just a cartoon, i somehow feel ridiculous to cry over it, huhu.. (but really, it's so sad i might not even care if to cry if the first tear dropped) and apparently my brothers did so too. It's weird how a simple work of the cartoonists and some computer graphics can really touch our heart.

To anyone who hasn't watch the TS3 (or even TS1 or TS2) yet, i reaaaallllllyy recommend the movie. To cartoon lovers, its a MUST-watch. Enjoy Buzz Lightyear's dance in his Spanish mode. So sexy and damn funny! That was my favourite part in the movie, i laughed out loud and almost everyone in the cinema did! Haha.. After the TS3, we bought the tickets for midnight movie Karate Kid. This one's quite slow i was half asleep in some part of the movie (well it's not the movie's fault i was watching it around 1.30am anyway). But all in all, it was entertaining. I love Will Smith's kid's act. He's a natural and i really think he's doing great for his future acting career. This movie is recommended too. What really made me happy was the three of us spent time together laughing and discussing the movie until the next morning. Precious times like that always makes everything worth it.

We had to leave Abg Chik at his friend's house on Saturday morning because we had a wedding to attend in Putrajaya before late afternoon. Baba was speeding all the way. Luckily the wedding buffet is still going on when we arrived (then ape lagi, melantak lah. haha).. Since it's Syafiq's sister's wedding, a lot of fellas from my secondary school were there so after the buffet I joined them hanging out in Alamanda. It was fun, meeting old friends whom i haven't seen much around these days. Aziera treat us to a whole lot bunch of Big Apple doughnuts and we just hang out having pointless conversations and laughed our asses off. Thanx dudes and dudettes, for making my day. :)

Didi picked me up at Alamanda after the peeps left and we had dinner at Soho bangi (did i make it sound anything like SOHO the club and bar? well it's anything but. haha). Another person to keep the jovial smile on me all day. :) I always knew that he's my guy, but everytime i see him he never fail to make me feel like the luckiest person on earth to have him as my guy. :D :D :D I can't help it that my heart hop around and summersaulted with joy when he's around although he might have done the most boring things on earth sometimes.. hehe okay won't go on rambling about him here. Spent the night at my uncle's house in Gombak. He just moved there so i wasnt quite familiar with the route to his house yet, so Didi and I spent quite a while searching for it - I didn't really mind though, cz it kept me with Didi longer. haha.. :P

The littlest thing when done with people that matters, will always make the biggest memories you'll regret to lose. I love you all. :)

And oh, Happy Birthday to Mr. Wan Mohd Sulaiman bin Wan Ismail. You are the best any father can ever be. As i know my baba won't read this, and he's currently in KL, i'll just pour my heart out on his cellphone via text msgs, aite?

Take care everyone. :-*

Thursday, June 17, 2010

.hemmo hemmo hemmo.

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps. :D

This is me i guess. As for the fellas who's been reading, you can see the pattern of me, blogging 'furiously' in a few days or so, then leaving the page to get dustbunnied for few months, then come again to collect the bunnies and maybe some easter eggs and blog for a day or two, and then buh-bye again until the next 'open season'. All out at a time, and then 'all OUT'. Okay takpe. It's my blog anyway. :P

Just wanna share with you guys about my new 'job' i got on the internet. Last night i was chatting on ICQ, when i saw a spam ad bout a new chatting site - said there a 'new state of the art flash technology' and stuffs. And so i thought, why not? ICQ's getting crowded with dirty punks asking for 'webcam fun' anyway. And so i hop over to Signed up, logged in, and ding, i'm in. With two other people named themselves clasi and DJ skyblue. Wondered why it's so empty, but since it had said in ICQ ad that it's new, i didnt bother asking. Blah3..the admin named John came in and asked me if i wanna be the moderator for the chatrooms. Got nothing much to do, i agreed. I pretty much just chat and kick and ban annoying chatters.

The people (and by people, i mean the TWO other chatter who's also promoted to moderators and John the admin) were superbly nice they made me wonder are they for real? I mean, you can't get such nice people who bothered to "hello guest" and "how can i help you guest?" "now what can i do for you guest" and "hope you have a nice time here guest" in a public chatroom. Most of the time peeps there will just "hey", "asl" you or just shootingshits at you once you log in. Blah3.. i asked them their age, clasi said she's 62, and DJ's 60. And i went, "LOL..and i'm 80" and blah2..they talking politely and although bewildered by the 'surreally polite' situation, i just join in the chat once in a while. At one time i even said "LOL John, give em a break, they're 60! LMAO.."..

Moments later i get to know how to read chatters profile, turns out they really ARE 40-60 year olds!!! With their pictures in the profile page. Grey hair. I practically gawked at the monitor. NO wonder la nobody talking 'cool' wonder la so wonder la "you are very welcomed.." whenever i said thanks.. haha.. But then, since i already took the 'job', i sign in the site everyday to be there as the moderator..

They have live stream radio with the DJ being online as one of the chatters. The radio somehow is like one of the Astro retro radio channel that airs rock and country music. Plus you can video chat with 500 people at one time. So it's kinda cool actually..apart from majority golden age there.. John asked me to bring more '20s friends' there.. I'll see what i can do John. heheh..

I still think it's funny though. The people there are pretty nice, but i kinda feel like working in a old folks home. hihihi..

Anyone interested in chatting online with 500 video channels at a time while tuning in to retro-like radio channel with live DJ that chats with you, can log in to nightowlchat.

There John, i did my part. LMAO. :P

p/s: i really do enjoy the Bulls Eye radio channel. dumdumdumpumm.. :D


I think mama is upset with me today. Coz i don't want to drive her to Auntie Izah's in Bentong. I was sick. I AM sick. Have been coughing till my torso hurts. But since i don't have the sick look maybe, mama pushed me to go. Although she said it'll be only for a while, but i know better. The promised 15 minutes will definitely be 2 hours. I mean, come on, 20 minutes drive for a 15 minutes visit? Don't think so. And for the 2 hours i'd need to be smiling politely, watching them having conversation..look up from the 'Anjung Seri' pages that i've been flipping everytime i go there..(i can hafal which house pic in which page in which month's issues already). That can happen if i don't need to cough, and since my body hurt to do so, i'll be refraining myself from coughing quite often and look as if i have constipation. Ain't gonna put up with that. So i made my say. I'm not going!

"okay takpe, mama gi sorang."

"adik, jom teman mama?"

my bro, been listening to the whole thing, just agreed.

So they went. When they're back, mama hasn't been making any eye contact with me - although there are perfect chances every now and then.


Sorry la mama...sakit betul ni.. :(

Monday, April 19, 2010

It suddenly occurs to me,

That i am living the era in which people quote Gossip Girl, and Forrest Gump quite often, rather than Marie Curie, or Marthin Luther King Jr, or Che Det.

.The day that went away.

Assalamualaikum and good day! :)

Today is one of the few days that i woke up early after Subuh prayer. Yay for me. After looking through (or maybe just looking at, i'm not sure, based on my state of mind at that time) the Guyton Physiology and Kumar Med book, i went to the Sunday market to buy some staple food for the week, and get home and the rest was ordinary (and by ordinary i mean CSI, Leverage, House, a few AFCs', napping, blog-surfing, gardening, garage work, blahblah).

And tonight, as you may have noticed, i tried to change my blog skin. I like the colour of the current one. However i can't make the bloglist to appear at its supposed place like it used to be. But whatever, i hardly look at them anyway, since wordpress has no (or my free version don't have it) the blog update, i often go to other fella's blogger blog to see who's updating so i can read the latest. But i'm still not satisfied with it. Maybe i'll pick a time to re-do them. Tengoklah macam mana nanti. (seriously gaya orang pemalas dah sekarang ni).

Btw, i think i'm being a jerk this week. Aih..

I have GOT to find a way to stop this. Before all hell breaks loose, i better be nice to people.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When you feel like..

..trying something new,

..acting creative and all,

You realllly hope that the broken sewing machine get fixed.

Pakcik kedai kasut yang hebat baiki mesin jahit dan potong jeans, tolonglah bukak kedai kamu yang dah seminggu lebih tak bukak tu.. Where art thou o talented cobbler?

.Small Issue.

You are a FRIEND, and you hear another friend bitching about her, you are yet to be sure who's closer to you, and you are clueless wether you SHOULD choose who's closer, and you are still in the middle of agreeing or not agreeing with the bitching-about that was done, so you don't know wether you should give advice to her with i-think-you-are-too in mind, or shall you remind her of her behaviour with the who-said-it coz even if it's not with the who-said-it, once you mention, she'll definitely know, and once she suggests it, you will LIE.

So does that make you, a coward?

What am i thinking? This is not even an issue. Ok bye.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

.My Checklist Updates.

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you! :)

Remember these?

NOte-to-SeLf 4 pOsTExaM:

1. Work at Chek Sing.

2. Learn japanese seriously before fly in May.

3. Finish up the cross stitches.

4. Colour bedroom furnitures in WHITE.

5. Paint bathroom stripey purple or any other warna that makes sense.

6. Build rack for store room.

7. Make a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock t-shirt.

8. Go along with sister Yati’s plan lah.

As you can see, there are a few crossed ones. Well actually, i didn't get the work at Chek Sing. Chek Sing is a botanical shop which sell plants for gardens. Apparently the job offer was taken back as he said he's going to do more of landscape jobs this season, (i don't know what 'seasons' does he go by) and will need more manpower (as in, MAN power). So a petite like me who's generally only useful for looking after the kedai and watering plants and transfering them from black bag to the pots isn't really necessary at this time of the 'season'. Kecewa. Ok, keep calm and moving on..

As for the Japanese language, i am now learning by heart. But i still can't figure much when i try visiting Japanese websites to train my efficiency in that language. It's okay (consoling myself), berakit-rakit ke, Ady and Ena will be there to translate for me. muehehehe....

And the storeroom, i didn't exactly build a new one, merely just modify the use of the old bookshelf to suit it's use in the store room as a tool rack.

Btw, i have white furnitures now! Yeay Yeay Yeay! :D

Here are some pics of us trying to D-I-Y.

the bro kurang membantu. ceh.

She hold the brush when I hold the camera. ;P

Applying undercoat.

Pakdin yang begitu banyak berusaha, esp masa baba datang checking us out. Makin putih dia lepas cat perabot tu. ;P

[caption id="attachment_413" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Before it was transformed. I kinda miss the old woody look. "][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_414" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="me being plumpy and bossy and all.."][/caption]

After all the demanding and crazy-hot madness under scorching sun, i don't think the troops will come back to give a hand when i cry out help the next time. haha.. ;P

Guess i'll be painting my bathroom purple by myself. (^^,)"

Friday, March 12, 2010


I was overcaffeinating myself, now i suffer.

Ongoing dyspepsia for 3 days already. (-.-")

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My pre-exam life can be defined as: oVer-caFFeiNed. (@.@)"

P/s: Won the debate. (Yay!). The prize was: RM50 voucher for Popular bookstore (2xYay!) Kindersley here i come!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I feel like eating sushi.

and, can i have..

Nokia N97 mini satu?


.note to self.

Assalamualaikum and good day to you. *i love it when i start with that coz when i'm wishing people well, it sorta tell myself i kinda am, too* :)

But that is just rethorically speaking coz actually, i am seriously boredddddd. Borrrrrrreedd. Booooorrrrrreeddd and please add morrreee Os and Rs and Es and Ds and 'and's to the spelling like it's not yet annoyying enough.

This study month is killllinggg me!! What? These notes aren't interesting enough to entertain? You tell me.

Figuring i would have no other significant aspect of my life rather than notes this study month (do i even have 'em BEFORE? i don't know), i thought i'd stay away from the blog for a while. But since this is duper madly life-consuming, i decided to put up a post, even if a nonsensical one.

NOte-to-SeLf 4 pOsTExaM:

1. Work at Chek Sing.

2. Learn japanese seriously before fly in May.

3. Finish up the cross stitches.

4. Colour bedroom furnitures in WHITE.

5. Paint bathroom stripey purple or any other warna that makes sense.

6. Build rack for store room.

7. Make a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock t-shirt.

8. Go along with sister Yati's plan lah.

I wonder which one will be ticked done? We'll see. I'll be updating the to-dos here after the exam. And for the time being, the list might still grow.

Take care! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

.becoming the one i swore to hate. (well not really, we don't simply hate people. duh.)

Assalamualaikum and good day. :)

Hope it had been a fine, fine, week for you in the newest year of our life. ;)

In this week, one of the fillings in my little brown book is the PSP (Medical Student Association) debate match which i already ticked done. I trully appreciate the effort to promote debate in the school as we are indeed in total lack of it. However, sadly, there were only 2 groups took part in it. One group is the obvious, which is from usmkk debate club (is it official anyway?) and the contender was a group which we pulled together out of nowhere somewhere.. (as Iqbal said if we don't do this, the only one registered team will win undefeated, and i am not willing to let a debate won without any actual jaw-jaw done. Tabik spring kat Iqbal yang berani mencuba debat bahasa Inggeris walaupun dia sebenarnya lebih arif dalam debat bahasa Melayu & Hatif yang memang bidan terjun tulen. I admit that even I hesitated to join due to months of zero brainstorming on matters that matters.) However, the lack of participation is a blame to no one, as here in usmkk, we rarely find promotion or exposure on debate thingy. Many just haven't experience it and doesn't know yet, that it's really a natural high (as for me, at least) to speak out on something important, knowing that you actually have a mind on things that concerns the community. And that brings me to what i was thinking prior to letting my phalanges run on the keyboard.

After the debate, I read through our 'discussion' that i wrote down in my brown book and i realized, there were lots of flaws done during the debate, from my side of the team. Some of the points i elaborated on were away from our stance-the real thing we supposed to fight for-, and some other errors and ramblings that I shoudn't have done. So what actually have i been rambling on about? Where are the analysed pieces of thoughts by the readings done? Have i really been reading anything? Have i actually been talking nonsenses just to get over a debate? To win one?

There are two kind of debaters - the one who really want to have an opinion on matters and wants his thought to be heard and counted in for the better solution, and another, is the one who doesn't really care about the world, he just wants to fight about it. (well there maybe more, but my brain just have this capacity. muahaha)

I'm afraid that as the time fly by, i have been a little 'shallow', and might fall into the second category. I realised i read less of books/webs on facts or intellectual minds in blogs nowadays. My interest have shifted to blogs with lots and lots of photos, especially on fashion and interior designs. But then, it's not a crime, is it? Eheh..heh..heheh.. heh.. Hmm..

Adoila...then i guess i am in jeopardy of turning into someone the attitude i swore to hate dislike a bit. Read more please, Iliana. Do not let your mind starve and die in ignorance.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

.once in a blue moon.

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all. :)

And yes, it is a very good day indeed. It's my favourite weather happening - with bits of rainy and sunshine-y. And green predominates the colours outside my window. So cosy and beautiful. I love to watch people walking / just hanging around in the rain with their umbrellas up too, illuminating rainbows apart from from the potential natural one. It has been like this since yesterday, the cold weather 'lullaby-ing' many of us who already were super-sleepy from new year's eve celebration, not allowing us to get up and gear up for the day ahead - which is duper-dangerous for this particular girl who's having professional exam in medicine in not 3 months! Arkk!!

Yeah ok i know, some of you might be saying, "So what are you doing here (+ facebooking)?!! Get out and hit the books already!!" - believe me, i've been saying the same thing to myself, and so, err...just a brief update?

Well okay, nothing much, just that on new years eve, while i planned to set back and read with cuppa mugga of coffee in my hand the whole midnight till morning, suzana texted me, inviting to watch the eclipse at the beach. And i thought, wow, eclipse on new year's eve! That's something! And so we went.

We've departed a bit late from the campus as we've to wait for Sue and Yana to get done with their aerobics training (they're on the campus aerobic team. yes, the all-time champ in inter-campus aerobics, aerobic team). So we kinda missed the fireworks part.

And for the first time in my life, (reminding you, i am actually a Kelantanese - no biggy) i now know the route to Pantai Cahaya Bulan! Muahahhaa.. Now when my friends visit, i can proudly say, "I can bring you to PCB, by car." muahahhaha... :P

Because we couldn't really see the eclipse (some say it's actually just a full moon, i don't know, confused by the tabloids too), we end up unwinding with the cool breeze and camwhoring instead! Here are some pictures of us:

[caption id="attachment_370" align="aligncenter" width="479" caption="my finger pointing at the moon which we can't seem to adore much of its sight due to heavily clouded sky."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_374" align="aligncenter" width="479" caption="The troops. From left: Ihie, Dibby, Suzanna, Ady, Yana."]The troops. From left: Ihie, Dibby, Suzanne, Ady, Liyana[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_375" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Contemplating the upcoming year. 2010, be a love and allow my dreams to come true."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_376" align="aligncenter" width="479" caption="I was actually just posing 'shocked' when coincidentally there were firecrackings and shocked me for real. on the left: neurofibliary tangle as seen by suzanna. ;P"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_377" align="aligncenter" width="479" caption="Love isn't in the air, it's on the beach! ;D"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_378" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Grab some munchies and coconut shake before heading back."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_379" align="aligncenter" width="479" caption="Me and Ady"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_380" align="aligncenter" width="479" caption="Suzanna and Yana"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_381" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Happy New Year! ;) "][/caption]

Dibby: I wanna get better pointer this year!

Me too! More or less, since my course doesn't go by pointer. :)

Have a great year ahead! :)