Thursday, July 21, 2011

.The Traffic Ore.

Tadi blogsurfing. Jumpa satu blog kempen-kempen
Klik kat situ. Lepas tu macam tertarik dengan website tu kemudian daftar.
Lepas daftar follow la steps dia on how to benefit from the site kan. U know, the usual drill, letak link dia, and add widgets on your blog and whatnots.
On the next step, it asks you to post your stuff on the site, to promote your blog.
I'm clueless on how to do this since i do not know how to promote my blog.
It seems that i write what i write and if you want to read it, i let you read it.
Thus i browse through the posts from users who posted there.
Ok tajuk-tajuk yang memang tak mengundang my reading langsung.
I went, "WTH?" Semua ala-ala commercial blog ni. Tapi bila try klik tak ada la commercial sangat pun blog nya. Personal je. Then i suddenly realize.

I ain't gonna be no traffic whore.

p/s: No offense, peeps. We may agree to disagree. *eh, reminded me of a fellow blogger But Then Again.*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

USM ranked #1 in Top 50. Wow. I mean, wow.

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps. :)

Ok my MCQ exam is tomorrow but i can't help it that i've drank 2 cuppa coffee and gettin a lil hyper! So as the consequence i kinda browse through everything in my FB and tweet endlessly in my twitter. Ok itu hyperbola. Tak tahu nak post apa sangat pun kat twitter.

Anyway tadi exam clinical. Ok lah, dapat case osteosarcoma (that is, a malignant bone tumour commonly occur in boys). Dr. Amran pun baik tadi, walaupun tanya banyak, and banyak juga tak dapat jawab, tapi senyuman dia macam nak bagi lulus aje? *berharap*

Lepas exam singgah kat gerai si Pidot & si Roy. They all buat attachment kat hospital. Rajin bebenor. Kreatif tak kreatif they all ni, sambil attachment sambil cari rezeki jual dadih & jersi kat laluan utama hospital. So tadi beli 2 dadih mangga, cari satu tempat duduk kat hospital, makan dadih sejuk sambil tengok gelagat orang ramai lalu lalang. Banyak pengajaran dapat on moral behaviour in public places, tapi banyak jugak buat dosa, sebab kutuk fesyen orang ramai yang ntah apa-apa, dalam hati. *so nanti mungkin tak boleh macam tu lagi*

Selepas pulang dari hospital tadi, balik buka facebook terus nampak satu link yang LeeSing post di FB wall. Titled Ranking University di Malaysia, posted with the status "#1 ranking? Rery unbelivable!!!' LeeSing is my team mate in USM tennis. So it's only natural to think that he's talking about USM right? But he's right, it's unbelievable. Don't get me wrong, i'm 'patriotic' and all for my alma mater, but isn't UM kinda the 'Pak Long' of all the universities in Malaysia? Been ranked 180th in the world even. So i wonder how can a better ranked university internationally get ranked below USM which was ranked 300+ in the list. What i'm trying to say is, i don't know much about university rankings, what are the criterias? which play more role in it, undergrads or postgrads? and whatnots. Have been meaning to look more into it. But since exam esok, i'll let it pass first. (Man, I make such a big fuss about the exam aren't i? Perhaps it's because for now i don't have a much more significant aspect of my life rather than that.) It's so important to me. So yeah. Doakan ya? ;) Thank you lads.

You can look at the rankings here:

p/s: tapi universiti top-ranked pun, study kena kuat juga. kalau tak..same aje masuk mana-mana universiti pun. huu..(-.-")

Sunday, July 17, 2011

.United We Stand.

Assalamualaikum and good day all. :)

Today i put forward no original written thoughts. Just want to document here a good article i stumble upon in the net world, from TheVirtualMosque. I believe it's worth sharing. Heck I believe it's important to share, for some of us who'd like a lighter reading of food for thoughts, rather than chunks of heavy facts of history we'd find somewhere else and need time to process to come to this.

Within the fold of Islam, differences are not only tolerated—they’re encouraged as a mercy from God. But as soon as we label and marginalize any who disagree with us, our downfall begins. Once we accept and internalize these labels as our main source of identity, the result is disastrous. As a result, we create our own camps, attend only our own gatherings and conferences; soon enough, we’re talking only to those who agree with us. Dialogue within the ummah disappears, our differences become only more polarized and our views become more extreme. Before long, we stop caring about what happens to the ‘other’ group of Muslims around the world, as we amputate limbs from the unified body our prophet taught us we were. The ‘other’ (who happen to still be our brothers) become so foreign—even despised—that we no longer wish to be referred by the same family name, and even join our enemies against them.

I hope you can take the time to read the full article here.

“Modernism, not traditionalism, is what worked for the West. This included the necessity to depart from, modify, and selectively ignore elements of the original religious doctrine.”

Our enemies “summon one another to attack [us] as people, while eating, invite others to share their food.” (Abu Dawud)

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided” (Qur’an, 3:103).

It all mean one thing:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

.Ceritanya Sekarang.

Saya baca Utusan Malaysia & tengok TV3, orang kata saya ini buta, jadi pak turut.

Saya baca akhbar 'lain-lain', tengok Youtube, ada yang kata saya ini semangat penentang, percaya sangat propaganda. (WTeff?)

Do you guys have CCTV in my house or something? Same as how some people know that bil elektrik PM is RM30k? And then PM tak bayar bil pun elektrik tak kena potong? <---- ( i still wonder how this issue can come out in khutbah jumaat and make makcik kat sebelah mengucap panjang. kesianlah oii..janganlah fitnah. people respect you. and some believe you. atoinye..)

Kalau tak baca apa-apa, tak ada ilmu. Tak ada ilmu nanti tak boleh buat keputusan. Kalau jadi orang di atas pagar, terasa hina. Terasa amat kecil apabila masih di atas pagar. Bukannya mahu di sini lama-lama..cuma tak mahu terburu-buru terjun, takut terlompat dalam lecak kotor. Di sini dahulu, berfikir sedalamnya, daripada saya ke situ, kemudian oh, ke sana pula, tanpa ilmu apa-apa. Menjadi lalang. Lagi dibenci.

So sekarang, saya baca Apley's Concise Orthopaedics je. Nak kata apa lagi? Sila kata saya akan LULUS dengan cemerlang ya. InsyaAllah kalau ramai-ramai kata, jadi doa yang makbul. :D

p/s: With the other news alternatives nowadays, i also still read chedet. Not for the politics of it, but for the knowledge he's sharing, in the point of view of 22 years experience of ruling a great country. Because i believe this one man really read anything and everything. Unlike me, unfortunately. ;P

p/s/s: Tadi ada menonton satu video yang dikongsi oleh seorang senior di facebook. An old man saying something that i've heard for so many times yet often forget:

"Jangan kau tanya apa bakti negara kepada kau. Tanya apa bakti kau kepada negara."

Itu sahaja. Take care everybody! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

.Hilarious Vloggers.

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps! :)

Sekarang pukul 3.42 pagi, ikut plan asal memang tak maw tidur sbb esok nak naik bas balik Kelate. So masa dalam bas harus diguna fully untuk tidur la kan. Rugi kalau terjaga. Heheh. Ikut plan asalnya jugak, masa stay up ni nak diguna sepenuhnya untuk buat orthopaedics revision, sebagai pelengkap diri untuk kembali berjuang hari Ahad nanti. (Dr.Jeff, here i come! Please be kind with the MCQ? ;P) Tapi macam biasa, kita hanya merancang.. ;O

Sedang mengulangkaji pelajaran, (sambil berchatting dan blogsurfing, hehe) cik bestie Atikah mengetuk pintu chatbox di Fesbuk. She shared one of the hilarious Youtube site, by Belacan n Paku. So instead of studying, i was like, gelak guling-guling. Hahaha *sapu air mata* (Tikah memang tengah addict Youtube sekarang. Semua vloggers dia stalk nowadays. Tak percaya baca blog dia, Dazzling Diamond). Hari tu masa datang bertandang ke rumah, for our routine girls' talk of course, dia siap ada mention lagi cadangan untuk bervlog bersama. "Wan i think kalau kita buat video berdua, would be great kan? Letak kat Youtube." and i was like, "Hoh??" (@.@)!! Hehe.. Idok le kaeh... (in Raub, that translate as: "Tidak le saya..") Tapi saya sokong je kalau Tikah nak buat video. She's awesome in every way. Go Go Atikah!! *\(^_^)/*

Before this, i only know some of the funny vloggers, like Mat Luthfi. Then from Didie's sister, Hanna, dapat korek lagi si Anwar Hadi & Maria Elena. Coolness, people. Seronok la tengok vids diorang especially time boring or tension. Boleh buat kita ketawa and at the same time, ada pengajaran jugak. Kudos to these peeps. ;) One of my personal favourite, Anwar Hadi's 'Ewww Language':

Hahah. Terasa?? Bestnyeww la bro ni kan? ;P

Okay back to my lovely Raub story. A week here sempat jumpa Atikah seorang je. Sayang sungguh bestie saya yang tak pernah fail nak visit ke rumah everytime ni. Maklum la saya tak ada kenderaan nak bertandang ke rumah member-member..huhu.. When she came over kitorang siap sempat buat photoshoot lagi. Since dulu pernah ada feedback from some customers and friends, katanya blogshop lagi menarik kalau ada real human modelling the clothings. So Ms.Atikah pun dengan rela hatinya dijadikan model sambilan. Check it out here. Hehe..segala feedback dialu-alukan..

Esok dah nak balik USMKK dah. Seminggu je ada kat rumah. Tapi in 2 weeks balik semula ke sini! More time to spend with my beloveds. Harap boleh jumpa yang jauh di mata dekat di hati, Ms.Erna, Ms.Farah Ainaa, Ms. Minah (yang ni dekat geographically, tapi jauh benar rasanya bila payah nak jumpa. She's like super busy with work. Aih..) Ms.WNA, Ms. Aziera & Ms.Izzatie. Would be great if we can have a girls day out before Min kahwin ni! (^^,)v

Okies nak try sambung study and then packing for tomorrow's trip. Take care everybody! :D