Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Buffday Ira!

12th June 1988 was the day my twin, Ira, was born. That's 57 days before I was born. :P

Wish you only the best of life these 365 days to come, miamor!

siti nadirah

Now at the age of twenty-one,
Life has truly just begun.
Hope and wish, your dreams come true,
Along the way, a gorgeous view

eppy buffday! (^-^)

.look me in the eye.

I was blog hopping my fellas' blogs when i stumbled upon a sweet hadith in a friend-of-a-friend's page, ms. aimi. It quotes:

"Sesungguhnya apabila suami menatap isterinya dan isterinya membalas pandang dengan cinta kasih, maka Allah menatap mereka dengan pandangan kasih sayang dan jika suami membelai tangan isterinya, maka dosa mereka jatuh berguguran di sela-sela jari mereka."

-Diriwayatkan oleh Maisarah dari Said Al-Khudri

Seems that there's more to love than mere affection of two hearts, eyh?

Psst: I hope I can have this printed on my wedding cards (^-^).

Monday, June 8, 2009

.keep on cookin.

Yeap. Literally.

"There is nothing that you succeed in that you didn't work on everyday."

-Will Smith.

So, keep on cooking Iliana! Till you get the asam pedas right. ;P

Sunday, June 7, 2009

.screwed gum.

As i reviewed my previous posts, i realized i havent elaborated about certain things i promised. Like..the screw in my gum. Haha that still sounds gross. ;P

Hehe like ms.Zahirah Ardy had guessed, it IS the implant! ding ding ding!! *jackpot!* :D

Fo peeps who's been reading, u guys knew the case. And the sequel to it, on 31st May, i went to the USM dental specialist, into the surgery room 1, and did the procedure. Just that. Hehe..nothing special. Nothing exciting. Gum screwed. I didnt feel a thing of course, as i was anesthesized. Yet i perspired my temples. Well who wouldnt? When you can hear the dentist telling the nurses over your head..for things like.."knives." "stitches." and "blood." It was psychologically disturbing, and i kinda felt bit of the 'pain'. haiyos.. glad it's (not all) over now.

I still have to go for checkups, coz the implant may develop complication, or fail. Only 6 weeks later will i be able to have the crown on.

Pray fo me ya! :) Minna arigato~!!


In my heart. :)

Carnations, dandelions, tulips and roses.

Blooming blithesomely in the garden of my heart.

Oh there’s also cherry blossoms,

Effloresce in its part.

I just love how they blow in the wind

As they bespeak the joy that I am feeling.

I am home.

I am a daughter.

I am a sister. The eldest sister.

I am a girl.

I am a pixie.

We have our laughs.

Our pixiesh pranks.

I donned the summer dress.

Despite the spring.

It felt like winter. Vaguely winter.

My ivory jacket on.

We went up the hill.

We twirled on the swings.

We rode the cyclone, our breathings hurricaned. (even its fo kids, foheavenssake)

We superman-ed the machine, it typhooned.

We hiked up high, and dropped in a jiffy.

Our beats almost stopped. (in my case it did)

I screamed my tears out. (I thought I wasn’t a crybaby till then)

We burnt our red notes.

We got the tokens.

We threw the balls.

We got only the mini dolls.

Ahh..the red notes.. (T.T)

Massive burgers. (just in the menu picta they were big)

Fried ice cream.

Corn in cup.

Hot dogs.

Lollipops. Smiles.

We looked around.

We snapped.

We posed.

We snapped.

We smile.

We snapped.

We laugh.

We snapped.

I see them laugh.

I snapped. family. :)

Hot chocolate, mocha.


Big Apple, Dunkin Donuts.


Sunflower, carnations.


The bumper car, the go kart.


Spring in London, summer in France.


Lavender, lilac.


White, Ivory.


See with my ears, listen with my eyes.


Take a break, go beyond.


Morning person, all-nighter.


Take it all in, let it all out.


He loves me, he loves me not.

Confused...not. ;)

Never to run again.

Not another lap. ;p

I am..enamored.

Melati, mawar, kenanga, orkid…

Mekar kalian sampai kapan pun ya.

[caption id="attachment_97" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption="saje letak. comel pic ni.. :P"]FlowerGarden[/caption]

Monday, June 1, 2009

.going home.

Asslamualaikum & good day!

*it may not be a good day to you, but greet anyway.* :)

Things didn't work out quite well. Some things aren't done yet. *sigh*

Dr. Rohana haven't replied my e mail. And she's not in office. So the elective stuffs still not done yet. And i am going back today. To Mc's house. Coz my bus to Raub is 9am tomorrow morning in Pasir Mas, so things in Kota Bharu must be settled before Mc's. No time to come back again tomorrow.


Oh well, my mistake for not figuring things out properly i suppose. Should've been prepared for the worse.

I have just done packing. Kind of, coz some stuffs can just be shoved into the backseat of the car (eheheh). I told Yana and Ain i'll going back by 6 o'clock, so in this hour, they shall help me with the boxes. But look at what i'm doing. Huhu..malasnya nak gerak. Just felt like typing.


OK OK wan iliana is going to reaaaallly pack NOW.


And oh: I have screw in my gum. Haha okay that sounds gross. I'll explain later in the next entry! ;P