Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Assalamualaikum and good morning!

Yesterday, i got a text message from one of my bff, Aziera:

Wan, aku trjumpe bk biodata aku zmn scol rndh, klakar bl bc korg tlis, tp bnyk2 org, cita2 ko lah trcpai jd sorg doc.. Gud luck, tc.

Aziera, aku terharu gila baca ni. Thanks for making my day. InsyaAllah aku jadi lebih bersemangat bila baca text kau yang out of the blue. :'D Ini cuma cita-cita dalam kerjaya. Kita semua ada cita-cita masing-masing tentang apa yang lebih penting untuk dicapai dalam hidup. Cepat atau lambat, aku berdoa kita semua akan dapat mencapainya. Amin.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Salam and good day. =) I just realised it has been quite a while since i updated the blog, yet the followers have increased. I feel bad for the new followers. Sorry there's nothing you can catch up on. There's also no wisdom writings you can find here. huhu.. I'll try to be more alert towards my blog. No, it's not forgotten let alone abandoned. So fret not, i shall update it more soon. =) Take care everybody.

p/s: am now in the paediatric hustle and bustle. after 5 weeks of lounging around in obstetrics posting, this feels like madness. pray for me to keep my sanity please? thank you lads.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Assalamulaikum and good evening peeps. :)

Cuma nak bagitahu di sini.
Saya tiba-tiba je ada tumblr.
OK bye.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum and good evening peeps! :)

This post may be a Wordless Wednesday, but i have much to say instead. hihih.

Mama lah yang semangat ni. Beli awal-awal lagi dia. Ada big flags but we don't know an appropriate spot to hang em. Thus the mini ones.

Ada 1 Malaysia sekali kat situ. I don't know wether orang lalu lalang yang toleh towards our house, in awe dengan patriotisme kitorang or wondering if this is markas baru Najib 1 Malaysia kwsn Raub.

Siapa saja yang lalu confirm tgk. termasuklah si kancil. mesti diorang nak jugak. hehe

Dapatkan di kedai berdekatan sekarang juga!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Assalamualaikum & good day peeps. =)

It's 4th day of ramadhan y'all! 3 down and another 27 days to go! Congratulations to ourselves. :D

During this Ramadhan season i'm blessed to have it at home, with my family and friends around. Proper food for sahur all the waaaayy. Alhamdulillah. =)

Well here i have a confession to make.

All this while, i have this scepticism on people who posts about the ibadah that they do in Ramadhan, although they meant well. For example when people posted up "hey terawikh time!" I have this thought like, "lorhh..sebenarnya nak gitaw dia gi terawikh tu" or when there this kind of post: "baca Quran jap after jemaah bagus gak an?" Again, i'd went " lain ade gak wat kot. xyah nak promo sgt lah."

Until the first day of Ramadhan, i was having a super malas time and was thinking to skip terawikh on that day. Then i see my dear Farah Ainaa's FB status:

pesta ibadah bakal bermula!!! ok excited :)) jomm2 seap pape yg patut.tolak tepi jap less0n plan l teaching aids l assignmnts sume bagaiii.kte serbu masjid t'dekat terawih start mlm nie keyh! mngkin ini ramadhan t'akhir kte wh0 kn0ws :'( Quran kasi khatam with0ut k0mpromi jugakx yerp! ;D

"tolak tepi jap.." make me realise that my priority at that exact moment should be mengejar pesta ibadah tu, instead of being selfish and lounging at home. And thus i decided to go to terawikh that night. A simple status update of a friend has made me change my mind. I can't imagine her share of pahala that she'd get that night. And I was jealous.

I was like, masyaAllah, this is an example of a true friend who shall keep reminding her friends and herself towards amar makruf. So instead of being sceptic about these kind of posts, i should get jealous of them and take the positive messages that they try to convey. Perhaps i can have my share too. :D

And today, while i was blogsurfing..(yeap, that's what i do all day today. heheh) found this heartmelting speech by Boona Mohammed. It makes me have some sort of 'epiphany' on my Priorities, especially in this holy month of Ramadhan. Hope we all get someting from this.

just in case u didn't get what he's sayin:

Ya Allah if you should take me in my salat please take me as a believer,
I pray the angel of death appears half as beautiful
As half the beauty created by my creator,
Take me yesterday if it means I'll get there sooner.

The warm wet water still dripping from my wudu,
I beat the sun this morning in order to stand before you,
But no need to thank me, your praise is long overdue,
All I ask is that my intentions be clear and true.

The Ka'bah in line with my nose, hell fire under my toes,
If this it, please make these last prayers legit
For I am nothing but a servant please master give me guidance,
Bring me closer to your deen, far away from shaytain,
Only five times a day, I wish I could pray infinity
For all that you have given me; for all that you have taken away
There is no excuse for me to not want to stand up and say "Allahu Akbar"

I state the obvious, nervous, body in perfect formation
As I stand before my Lord trying to prove my dedication
Walking the thin line between hope and fear,
Words coming out crystal clear as though judgment was here,
The humility combats the lies I told in my youth,
In my sujood is when I am closest to truth
A vessel of submission, his recognition is my quest
Hands folded, both palms crossed facing my chest,
Gaze is lowered, on the spot from which my head will rise,
Wet warm water still covers my eyes.

I cherish this dunya, like I cherish sunny weather,
Wonderful at times, but still not meant forever,
So Ya Allah, if you take me in my salat,
Please have my last words be the last words of Al-Fatiha
Right before La ilaha illa Allah, Ashden Muhammadur Rasul Allah,
For you my God, I will hold and cherish this faith,
For this is a test, and we always do worst in the subjects that we hate,
So I am still amazed that you have given me the strength to praise,
For a long time I never prayed, never said your name for days
I am still ashamed of what my heart once contained,
But still you sent me blessings again and again,
Your mercy uses words that I can simply not explain
The honour that I feel, the love that I maintain

Forehead and nose, hands, knees and toes,
All pressed before the Lord, before I rose,
I choose to make a little prayer of my own,
Ya please Allah forgive me for my sins as though they were not my own,
Help me to pray as though I were saying my final goodbyes,
My bouncing finger lets me know I'm still alive, Alhumdulliah

I swear to God, I do not feel comfortable swearing to God,
Because I'm not sure if my faulty words will even do him justice
So now everyday I send peace and blessings upon his prophet,
Empty my conscious like banks empty my pockets,
Only this interest is in my best interest
Were my prayers answered, only One knows best?
I'll try again soon, Insha'Allah
The rest is in the hands of Allah Subhanahu Wa-Ta'ala

That's all folks! *warnerbros style* Take care!
p/s: Dear Farah Ainaa, isn't it a blessing to have you by my side? Love you darla. =)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Salam & good day peeps.
I'm sorry today i can't really put a smiley miley there (i name it miley. cute tak?) since am not really in a good mood.

Ok now nak mengadu tentang hal remeh ni.

Me lappy browser just kennnott get any slower. Grr. Just a piece of problem for each. When i use Google Chrome to blog, it does not show coloured text where it's supposed to. *macam mana nak emphasise some stuffs in my blog like that?* When i use Internet Explorer, it's not only mellow slow, but it also doesn't record me as the user. When i view my blog and wanna make amendments, i have to log in every time. Same goes to when i want to reply a comment by readers. Kadang-kadang tu tak login2. Atoinye.. As if that's not annoying enough, it HANGS too. =.=" Anybody knows how to handle these problems regarding the browsers?

Ok tu saja. Mintak maaf banyak merapu negatif di sini. Tak ada orang sangat nak berborak di rumah ni. huhu

p/s: tadi ada orang datang rumah. instead of bagi salam, dia panggil-panggil nama saja. banyak kali juga macam itu. maklumlah, rumah saya ni macam free access, people come and go insanely often. sebab kedai baju belum buka, so inilah kedainya. but still, i think it's rude not to give salam upon coming to people's house. i hope i will never forget to give salam whenever i visit other's.

Monday, August 1, 2011

.my readytoeats.

Assalamualaikum and good Ramadhan day to all my muslim readers. :)

Whew what a day. I've been sitting here at my desk all day long, drawing (more to sketching actually) floor plans for my mom's upcoming clothing shop. Being a biology student, (ok i don't speak for all bio students, so pls refer to specifically me. hihih) i now know that it's hard to draw floor plans with super straight lines! Especially when i'm not a big fan of the ruler. Thus, the sketching only. A LOT have to be put into considerations when sketching a shop plan. Display area, hot stuffs area, lounging area (since it's like a homey boutique kind of thing, so this is crucial), solah area, counter table, the walpapes, and whatnots. When you try to fit them all in detailed proportionated drawings with a proper measurement, it's hard. tsk.tsk.

My drawing desk is like a Japanese table, which the seats are just pillows, so sitting there for long hours make me have positional hypotension. Everytime bangun sure pening punya. Puasa pulak tu kan.. Ark! Merungut! Mana boleh merungut Iliana..ibadah tu.. huhu. OK sorry. ;P

Anyways, while doing the work, it's not like i'm such a workaholic, drawing plans all the time kan, (i'm not even a real architect/plan designer to begin with! heh.) so i do play around in the cyber social network pages. I FB-ed, i tweet, iYM-ed, i g-talked, and so on. So it happens that i chat with one of my darlas today (like, duh~ bffs kot), Nurul Ella (thats her FB name). She had just opened a company, in partnership with her brother. They sell ready-to-eat meals that are super delicious. Being a good gf that i am, *ehem*, i would like to promote my friends' first company's products, AINO Ready-To-Eat Fish products.

This product serves the authentic traditional Malaysian cooking that is suitable for modern living regardless of race and also suitable for those whoa re always ON THE RUN and TRAVELLING. It contains not only gravy, but fish filling too!

Available in 4 types of flavour :
1. Fish Curry (Kari Ikan)

2. Yellow Curry Fish (Lemak Cili Padi Ikan)
3. Hot & Sour Fish (Asam Pedas Ikan)

4. Tomyam Fish (Tomyam Ikan).

And, good news for all sambal lovers, they also have ready-to-eat sambals!

Available in 4 types of flavour:
1. Shrimp Paste (Sambal Belacan)
2. Anchovies Paste (Sambal Ikan Bilis)
3. Dried Shrimp Paste (Sambal Udang Kering)
4. Squid Paste (Sambal Sotong)

With so many choices that can be ready in just 5 minutes, you can't say you don't have the time for a proper meal during sahur anymore!

So what are ya waiting for? Try aino pack now! Available @ TUNAS MANJA stores, KLIA, or for easy shopping, you can also order it straight online. Like it's FB page for more info.

You can visit & like AINO facebook page here. Thank you folks! Enjoy your fish meals! ;P Take care.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

.The Traffic Ore.

Tadi blogsurfing. Jumpa satu blog kempen-kempen
Klik kat situ. Lepas tu macam tertarik dengan website tu kemudian daftar.
Lepas daftar follow la steps dia on how to benefit from the site kan. U know, the usual drill, letak link dia, and add widgets on your blog and whatnots.
On the next step, it asks you to post your stuff on the site, to promote your blog.
I'm clueless on how to do this since i do not know how to promote my blog.
It seems that i write what i write and if you want to read it, i let you read it.
Thus i browse through the posts from users who posted there.
Ok tajuk-tajuk yang memang tak mengundang my reading langsung.
I went, "WTH?" Semua ala-ala commercial blog ni. Tapi bila try klik tak ada la commercial sangat pun blog nya. Personal je. Then i suddenly realize.

I ain't gonna be no traffic whore.

p/s: No offense, peeps. We may agree to disagree. *eh, reminded me of a fellow blogger But Then Again.*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

USM ranked #1 in Top 50. Wow. I mean, wow.

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps. :)

Ok my MCQ exam is tomorrow but i can't help it that i've drank 2 cuppa coffee and gettin a lil hyper! So as the consequence i kinda browse through everything in my FB and tweet endlessly in my twitter. Ok itu hyperbola. Tak tahu nak post apa sangat pun kat twitter.

Anyway tadi exam clinical. Ok lah, dapat case osteosarcoma (that is, a malignant bone tumour commonly occur in boys). Dr. Amran pun baik tadi, walaupun tanya banyak, and banyak juga tak dapat jawab, tapi senyuman dia macam nak bagi lulus aje? *berharap*

Lepas exam singgah kat gerai si Pidot & si Roy. They all buat attachment kat hospital. Rajin bebenor. Kreatif tak kreatif they all ni, sambil attachment sambil cari rezeki jual dadih & jersi kat laluan utama hospital. So tadi beli 2 dadih mangga, cari satu tempat duduk kat hospital, makan dadih sejuk sambil tengok gelagat orang ramai lalu lalang. Banyak pengajaran dapat on moral behaviour in public places, tapi banyak jugak buat dosa, sebab kutuk fesyen orang ramai yang ntah apa-apa, dalam hati. *so nanti mungkin tak boleh macam tu lagi*

Selepas pulang dari hospital tadi, balik buka facebook terus nampak satu link yang LeeSing post di FB wall. Titled Ranking University di Malaysia, posted with the status "#1 ranking? Rery unbelivable!!!' LeeSing is my team mate in USM tennis. So it's only natural to think that he's talking about USM right? But he's right, it's unbelievable. Don't get me wrong, i'm 'patriotic' and all for my alma mater, but isn't UM kinda the 'Pak Long' of all the universities in Malaysia? Been ranked 180th in the world even. So i wonder how can a better ranked university internationally get ranked below USM which was ranked 300+ in the list. What i'm trying to say is, i don't know much about university rankings, what are the criterias? which play more role in it, undergrads or postgrads? and whatnots. Have been meaning to look more into it. But since exam esok, i'll let it pass first. (Man, I make such a big fuss about the exam aren't i? Perhaps it's because for now i don't have a much more significant aspect of my life rather than that.) It's so important to me. So yeah. Doakan ya? ;) Thank you lads.

You can look at the rankings here:

p/s: tapi universiti top-ranked pun, study kena kuat juga. kalau tak..same aje masuk mana-mana universiti pun. huu..(-.-")

Sunday, July 17, 2011

.United We Stand.

Assalamualaikum and good day all. :)

Today i put forward no original written thoughts. Just want to document here a good article i stumble upon in the net world, from TheVirtualMosque. I believe it's worth sharing. Heck I believe it's important to share, for some of us who'd like a lighter reading of food for thoughts, rather than chunks of heavy facts of history we'd find somewhere else and need time to process to come to this.

Within the fold of Islam, differences are not only tolerated—they’re encouraged as a mercy from God. But as soon as we label and marginalize any who disagree with us, our downfall begins. Once we accept and internalize these labels as our main source of identity, the result is disastrous. As a result, we create our own camps, attend only our own gatherings and conferences; soon enough, we’re talking only to those who agree with us. Dialogue within the ummah disappears, our differences become only more polarized and our views become more extreme. Before long, we stop caring about what happens to the ‘other’ group of Muslims around the world, as we amputate limbs from the unified body our prophet taught us we were. The ‘other’ (who happen to still be our brothers) become so foreign—even despised—that we no longer wish to be referred by the same family name, and even join our enemies against them.

I hope you can take the time to read the full article here.

“Modernism, not traditionalism, is what worked for the West. This included the necessity to depart from, modify, and selectively ignore elements of the original religious doctrine.”

Our enemies “summon one another to attack [us] as people, while eating, invite others to share their food.” (Abu Dawud)

“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided” (Qur’an, 3:103).

It all mean one thing:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

.Ceritanya Sekarang.

Saya baca Utusan Malaysia & tengok TV3, orang kata saya ini buta, jadi pak turut.

Saya baca akhbar 'lain-lain', tengok Youtube, ada yang kata saya ini semangat penentang, percaya sangat propaganda. (WTeff?)

Do you guys have CCTV in my house or something? Same as how some people know that bil elektrik PM is RM30k? And then PM tak bayar bil pun elektrik tak kena potong? <---- ( i still wonder how this issue can come out in khutbah jumaat and make makcik kat sebelah mengucap panjang. kesianlah oii..janganlah fitnah. people respect you. and some believe you. atoinye..)

Kalau tak baca apa-apa, tak ada ilmu. Tak ada ilmu nanti tak boleh buat keputusan. Kalau jadi orang di atas pagar, terasa hina. Terasa amat kecil apabila masih di atas pagar. Bukannya mahu di sini lama-lama..cuma tak mahu terburu-buru terjun, takut terlompat dalam lecak kotor. Di sini dahulu, berfikir sedalamnya, daripada saya ke situ, kemudian oh, ke sana pula, tanpa ilmu apa-apa. Menjadi lalang. Lagi dibenci.

So sekarang, saya baca Apley's Concise Orthopaedics je. Nak kata apa lagi? Sila kata saya akan LULUS dengan cemerlang ya. InsyaAllah kalau ramai-ramai kata, jadi doa yang makbul. :D

p/s: With the other news alternatives nowadays, i also still read chedet. Not for the politics of it, but for the knowledge he's sharing, in the point of view of 22 years experience of ruling a great country. Because i believe this one man really read anything and everything. Unlike me, unfortunately. ;P

p/s/s: Tadi ada menonton satu video yang dikongsi oleh seorang senior di facebook. An old man saying something that i've heard for so many times yet often forget:

"Jangan kau tanya apa bakti negara kepada kau. Tanya apa bakti kau kepada negara."

Itu sahaja. Take care everybody! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

.Hilarious Vloggers.

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps! :)

Sekarang pukul 3.42 pagi, ikut plan asal memang tak maw tidur sbb esok nak naik bas balik Kelate. So masa dalam bas harus diguna fully untuk tidur la kan. Rugi kalau terjaga. Heheh. Ikut plan asalnya jugak, masa stay up ni nak diguna sepenuhnya untuk buat orthopaedics revision, sebagai pelengkap diri untuk kembali berjuang hari Ahad nanti. (Dr.Jeff, here i come! Please be kind with the MCQ? ;P) Tapi macam biasa, kita hanya merancang.. ;O

Sedang mengulangkaji pelajaran, (sambil berchatting dan blogsurfing, hehe) cik bestie Atikah mengetuk pintu chatbox di Fesbuk. She shared one of the hilarious Youtube site, by Belacan n Paku. So instead of studying, i was like, gelak guling-guling. Hahaha *sapu air mata* (Tikah memang tengah addict Youtube sekarang. Semua vloggers dia stalk nowadays. Tak percaya baca blog dia, Dazzling Diamond). Hari tu masa datang bertandang ke rumah, for our routine girls' talk of course, dia siap ada mention lagi cadangan untuk bervlog bersama. "Wan i think kalau kita buat video berdua, would be great kan? Letak kat Youtube." and i was like, "Hoh??" (@.@)!! Hehe.. Idok le kaeh... (in Raub, that translate as: "Tidak le saya..") Tapi saya sokong je kalau Tikah nak buat video. She's awesome in every way. Go Go Atikah!! *\(^_^)/*

Before this, i only know some of the funny vloggers, like Mat Luthfi. Then from Didie's sister, Hanna, dapat korek lagi si Anwar Hadi & Maria Elena. Coolness, people. Seronok la tengok vids diorang especially time boring or tension. Boleh buat kita ketawa and at the same time, ada pengajaran jugak. Kudos to these peeps. ;) One of my personal favourite, Anwar Hadi's 'Ewww Language':

Hahah. Terasa?? Bestnyeww la bro ni kan? ;P

Okay back to my lovely Raub story. A week here sempat jumpa Atikah seorang je. Sayang sungguh bestie saya yang tak pernah fail nak visit ke rumah everytime ni. Maklum la saya tak ada kenderaan nak bertandang ke rumah member-member..huhu.. When she came over kitorang siap sempat buat photoshoot lagi. Since dulu pernah ada feedback from some customers and friends, katanya blogshop lagi menarik kalau ada real human modelling the clothings. So Ms.Atikah pun dengan rela hatinya dijadikan model sambilan. Check it out here. Hehe..segala feedback dialu-alukan..

Esok dah nak balik USMKK dah. Seminggu je ada kat rumah. Tapi in 2 weeks balik semula ke sini! More time to spend with my beloveds. Harap boleh jumpa yang jauh di mata dekat di hati, Ms.Erna, Ms.Farah Ainaa, Ms. Minah (yang ni dekat geographically, tapi jauh benar rasanya bila payah nak jumpa. She's like super busy with work. Aih..) Ms.WNA, Ms. Aziera & Ms.Izzatie. Would be great if we can have a girls day out before Min kahwin ni! (^^,)v

Okies nak try sambung study and then packing for tomorrow's trip. Take care everybody! :D

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

♪Rain rain go away♬.. No wait. Come back here!

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps. Good rainy day. ;P

I get up at 7am this morning (Subuh gajah does not apply here), to get ready for the morning practice. When i suddenly hear thunder roaring from afar. Though it was quite a vague sound actually, i convinced myself, 'no practice today. might as well get more beauty sleep. yeap.'

An hour later, Madihah my roomate wake me up saying it's already 8am and we should get ready. Darn. I couldn't even open my eyes. Unfortunately, the weather has cleared and the sky was as bright as ever to welcome us to the court. Aih.. And so we got ready and went.

Warmed up, a few strokes and then, 'roar'. Yeap. as expected. bye court. hello Khaleel! hahah.

It's a split decision actually. A part of me wish the rain would stay steamed up as clouds so that i can practice for the tournament. but some of me kinda wish it would drizzle just a lil bit longer so that i can meet up with Anees Rahman & Azyan Ahmad this evening, (if Yan isn't busy with her lab stuffs of course), and have the practice at night! hehehe..

Okay that's selfish. (-.-")

Now sing again!
☁ ~rain rain go away~ come again another day~ ☂

oh by the way, i got myself a brand new Wilson BLX Team tennis bag. hurrah! ;P

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

.something is just not right tonight.

Assalamualaikum, and good evening there. :)

A lot has happened since i last blogged. I need not to elaborate further on what's been happening since nothing's worth telling anyway. I am no awesome tiny Canadian, namely Ellen Page, for an instance.

I am now in Penang, Minden campus, more specifically, for the centralised training session with my teammates. All in all, tonight i feel the worst. I feel like i am the worst player in the team up to now. Perhaps i am, perhaps i'm not. God i hope not.

My night training session tonight was a disaster. I played horrifically. No chance to win whatsoever with that kind of game, i told myself. Yet do not know what to do with it, since there's only 3 days left before MASUM. It's challenging for me to keep up with these people in my team, what more the opponents. It didn't start out like this though. When i first joined the practice, yesterday, i was eager. Eager to learn and practice. I don't know why but i feel like people has give up on me. I haven't give up with myself, no. But it seems like nobody would like to correct my mistakes. People just keep telling me, practice more. Well it may be alright if i am a top player or something, who just need to brush up a little. But i'm somewhat a noob i can't say. Please let me feel like i am needed in the team. Please let me know i am needed to play good game and win it for the team. We are one, aren't we? For now i think maybe i'm gonna be put in the game we're ready to 'tuang', if not benched.

And hell i hate it that i am now reading only medical books. How i hate that.
Things are just hateful tonight.

Think i'm just in a bad mood?

Friday, June 3, 2011


Assalamualaikum & good evening y'all.

Just want to document it here that today i've posted my first YouTube video. Hemo hemo hemo. :D

I was on YouTube searching for my favourite Korean drama ost mtv, but none that i've found were of satisfactory image/ sounds. Those with quality audio/video, were mostly lack subtitles or translations. So it's only natural for me to make one on my own, right? I have that much time to kill anyway. ;P Here's how it came out to be:

Enjoy! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Assalamualaikum and g'day all. :)
Today i was trying new shawl bought from Awra Scarflets. When..

mama: along paka gak lechu etep..surey jah. (along cuba lah pakai gincu sikit. suram je muka)

me: dok reti. (tak pandai)

mama: owk aloh. (hmmph!)

me: ho lah, warno gapo hok song? pink ko? (ok lah..warna apa yang sesuai? pink?)

*putting on orange lipstick*

me: oreng ok? (warna oren ok x?)

mama: hmm..*grin*

(-.-") belechuu doh la kawe..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

.acidic crime.

Assalamualaikum and g'day all! i just found this out in my friend Asyikin's blog. Check it out and be aware!











P/S: Macam photoshop pun ada kan? Mancung betul hidung dia. hihihih ;P Ok ok, serius.

.the wall.

Assalamualaikum and good day, peeps.

I was updating my facebook status with;

"The wall is building up higher and higher. If I don't start the climb now, it may be extra difficult for me to do so later. "

It then reminds me of how Dr. Zuryati (an excellent dentist from HUSM) motivated me when i was a little swamped with my Professional 2 exams.

She mentioned during her years as a dental sciences student in a foreign country, she once resided in an apartment opposite a construction site. In her window view, there was a man whose work is as hard labourer, cementing bricks to make the new building.

Everyday, she watched that man working in whatever condition the weather gave him, until the building is done. It was the same routine. Bricking walls, that man was, and he did it excellently although the weather was harsh on him. Never once that man was absent from his duty until the building was completed. So whenever she felt 'overwhelmed' with hardship, she'll always say,

"If that man can brick that wall, i can study until i meet my goal."

Now, that man is outside my window. ( in a non-hallucination kind of way. ;P )

Never give up, peeps. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

.the world doesn't revolve around me.

It's a statement, it's true, and it's how it naturally is.

Although I know, that in happy moments I am not forgotten,


in difficult moments I am not trusted

nor am I reached, in quiet moments

like how I was not made aware of the painful moments.

I should be happy that I am not some toilet paper. Shouldn't I?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello Saikai.

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps!

Hari ini pergi beronggeng dengan Adlina Awanis. Kurang arah tuju sikit sebab baru lepas habis posting medical. (huhee!!) Tak ada beli apa-apa pun. Sebab duit tak berapa nak ada. Dua-tiga menjak ni pun, seperti kata Syafiq Muhammad di FB nya, setelah draw duit di ATM, dah tak berani print resit. Tak ada mood nak tengok nilai yang akan tertera pada kertas nipis tu. Semoga Wan Iliana dapat bertahan sehingga habis semester ini, dengan apa jua cara sekali pun. Menjual air tin, barang-barang Amway, Avon, mahupun garage sale (Ada 2-3 helai baju yang dah tak pakai sangat, but still in a very good condition. Kalau ada yang berminat, sila datang jenguk-jenguk di bilik. Brand new clothings pun ada.) hehe..


Esok bermula lah psychiatry posting. So-called minor posting, coz its pass-fail depends on two postings, in this case psychiatry+neuromedical (if you pass either one, you are considered pass for both). Awesome isn't it? So can i goof around in this one? Pfft. Of course not. What a rethorical question. My medical posting itself wasn't that good. The medical MCQ was like, out-to-kill kind of Qs. When i opened the first page of the MCQ paper, i kind of drop dead, mentally. Opening the second page..third page, made me wonder, what was i studying for again? Did i really have all those sleepless nights just to stare blankly at the Qs like this? (At some irregular intervals during the exam i looked up and stared into space. Airheaded). I ended up 'colouring' my answer sheet semi-randomly. So yeah, the point is, i really can't afford to screw up in any more postings. I screwed up that much already.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

.Get Inspired.

I am Iliana. I am a Muslim.
Yes, i do get tired of people making bad assumptions on Islam by the informations they get from some unvalidated sources and exaggerated media from some part of the world. (answering the indirect Q inquired by some bloggers) And also, yes, i do got tired (and frustrated) of staying shut due to the inferiority i felt that i bear no great knowledge of my own religion. I take that as my own weakness. But no matter how packed the world may be, there's always space for improvement in our lives, isn't it?

While blogwalking, i get to know a site called This is the perfect opportunity to help expand the love without having to open our mouth in somehow, sometimes, such defensive manner. So now i would like to share it with you. Mind you, any cool facts and pics you get in this entry are most probably quoted from either Miss Ami Schaheera, credit to her, or the Inspired by Muhammad website. Do check them out :).


The Inspired by Muhammad campaign is designed to improve the public understanding of Islam and Muslims. It showcases Britons demonstrating how Muhammad inspires them to contribute to society, with a focus on women’s rights, social justice and the environment. The campaign coincides with a national poll conducted by YouGov which shows that 69% of people believe that Islam encourages the oppression of women, that just 6% of people associate Islam with justice and that a mere 6% believe that Islam promotes active measures to protect the environment. Overall, nearly half of all people in the UK believe that Islam does not have a positive impact on British society.

some of the ads ideas in Brit.

The Exploring Islam Foundation recently commissioned YouGov to survey public perceptions of Islam, Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad. Here are the results.

Knowledge of Islam

  • 60% say they don’t know very much about Islam
  • 17% say they know nothing at all
  • 33% would like to know more about Islam

Sources of information on Islam

  • 57% obtain most of their information about Islam from the TV news
  • 41% obtain their information about Islam from newspapers
  • Just 3% get most of their information on Islam from Muslim organisations
  • 31% feel that information about Islam is not very accessible
  • 5% say that information is not accessible at all

Perception of Islam

  • 58% associate Islam with extremism
  • 50% associate Islam with terrorism
  • Just 13% associate Islam with peace
  • 6% associate Islam with justice
  • Only 16% think that Islam promotes fairness and equality
  • Only 6% believe that Islam promotes active measures to protect the environment
  • 41% disagree or strongly disagree that Muslims have a positive impact on British society
  • 69% believe that Islam encourages the repression of women

How one man continue to inspire billions of lives fourteen centuries after he lived:

Social justice was a term coined in the 1840s and is a guiding principle for all societies today just as it was fourteen centuries ago in the Arabian desert.

Read more

The right to vote, to inheritance, education, a role in politics and civic society were controversial and groundbreaking ideas that Muhammad promoted for women in a seventh century society that regarded them as mere possessions.

Read more

The environment has been the hot topic of the last few decades, yet green concerns were nothing new in seventh century Arabia, particularly not to a man dubbed an environmentalist of his time.

Read more

“Even a smile is charity” said Muhammad who encouraged helping others no matter how small or great the deed.

Read more

“Seek knowledge – even if it takes you to China” was the instruction of Muhammad to his companions in seventh century Arabia.EDIT: Sister Hana Fedora told me that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w never said seek education till China nor till death, it's a doubtful hadith, no strong chain to support this. Whatever it is, Allah knows best.. and education we must seek, as even the first word of Quran is Iqra' which means 'read'.

Read more

“For every disease there is a cure” forms the ethos driving medical researchers today to treat debilitating conditions like cancer.

Read more

While Britain’s oldest animal shelter system was formed in nineteenth century Britain, Islamic civilisation was committed to animal welfare centuries earlier owing to the instructions of Prophet Muhammad.

Read more

The 1948 UN charter on human rights proclaims “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”, words that echo Muhammad’s practices over fourteen centuries ago.

Read more

The core Islamic principle is that of equality between all of humankind.

Read more

What Can You Do?

  • You can link in your blog and share it in your Facebook with that thousands friends of yours! ;)
  • You can spread around the pictures and the data above.
  • You can go here, save some banners in your computer, display them in your blog or better, print them out as posters for your class, school, college, uni, workplace – any location where heaps of people could have a look at it!
  • You can read the content of the website and give the right information to your Non-Muslim friends. Or your unconvinced Muslim friends, for that matter.
  • Last but not least, understand the principles ourselves, and practice it. It's the least we could do.
Remember that there are so many false information out there and here on the internet, so beware of what you read, hear and watch. Remember that Holy Quran is our only true, crystal-clear guidance, so be careful of inaccurate versions. Remember that if there’s anything wrong (I think terrorism and misuse of polygamy would be some of the most common examples), it’s the followers (who misunderstand things or were misinformed), not our religion Islam and definitely not our Prophet Muhammad.

Renung-renungkan, dan selamat beramal! ;)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

i'm suppose to be in good mood. oh wait. i am. almost.

Assalamualaikum and good day y'all.

This week has started off quite well i should say, with the medical posting i've been so overly nervous about, turned out to be as interesting and urm, 'normal?' as it is. The pressure is on though, to have to recall most of the facts i learnt 2 years ago in 2nd year, especially when the memories that went through my hippocampus was a blurrr then, thus so are the ones coming out from my cerebral cortex now (if any).

With that good and reassuring of an entry intro, i shall put my mental breakdown a few days ago as bygone and not discuss it here. (and yet i still bring it up by a sentence. pfft. whadadouche. attention seeker. show-off-er.etc.)

This morning i started the day off with a knock on me door and Suzana's "hey, lets go to the zoo!and claim our coupon for the Big Breakfast at McD?" -which i succumbed to and as a sequel let my stomach filled with high carbs diet on Saturday morning though i promised myself to eat only fibre-filled dietary intake for a morning kick-off to ensure better digestion (and a slimmer look).
This is how the culprit look like:
I wasn't sure at what time a normal, bussiness hour (non-24 hours) McDonald's opens, so i drove to the one at Wakaf Che Yeh. This time, we parked at the front of the restaurant, making sure nobody can mess with my car while we dig in, like what happened to my friend's Kancil about a week ago.

Oh, have i told you?

That our car was broken into while we were ordering Vanilla Sundae? I think it was on Wednesday night, (or you could say it's Thursday morning, since it was at 2am) two weeks ago, that my peeps and i went for a supper after shopping at Wakaf Che Yeh 'uptown?' market. Parked at the lot at the back of the restaurant. After ordering and about to open the burger wrapper, a tough, tall, Awie-Wings lookalike dude came to us and asked wether we own a Kancil (and he mentioned the number). My friend wasn't sure of our ride's number since it's his roomate's car and he just borrowed it.

The dude left, but we went to the parking lot to check out if anything is wrong. Apparently something was. The window of the passenger door at the back was broken and our stuff was gone. The stuffs we shopped at the night market. We remembered what we bought were just a few cheap shirts and a beach ball. And those were taken. We were like, "apekejadah le bola pun nak amek. curik baju ngan tudung je plak tu. takde idea langsung nak mencuri. kalau takat bola pantai tu mintak pun aku bagi leee...tak pasal-pasal cermin keta kena pecah". Not in mood to enjoy our sundae no more, we drove back to campus, cursing the 'car-breaker?' along the way. When my friend went to fix the window the next morning, only then we found out that the thief wasn't dumber than us at all. The opposite may apply as it turned out he took away the car speaker, leaving us Rm430 poorer. Chett. haih... So yeah, for those who plans to enjoy a late-night meal at McD Wakaf Che Yeh, make sure you park at the front and do not leave any 'baits' in your car, like you know, the laptops, etc.

Anyway, the week went on normally, with classes and ward rounds, and more classes and ward rounds (though in the first week the ward rounds seems more to wondering around). There was once when we're having our bedside presentation session in HKB (Hospital Kota Bharu) i realised, that after going through 5 postings, and orthopaedics included, mind you, i still can't read a chest X Ray to save me arse at any point in me life. How sad is that for a 4th year? Aishhh. So you see, it's imperative for me to study and practice reading imaging investigation results now. Instead of blogging. So, umm, bubbye. I may now resume blabbering facts from notes in my sanctuary...
me sanctuary

Take care people. And to whom it may concern, i wuv yew. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Show Me Ur Style!

Assalamualaikum and good day, peeps! :)

Haha okay hari tu kata nak tulis pasal sinopsis novel dalam cabaran c50 kan. Tapi belum buat kerana masih malas nak imbas balik tentang plot novel tu.

So today it's not about a book. It's about me participating in a contest in facebook. Hahah.

It's a 'style' contest, in which participants shall upload a picture of them, in what they think as their most awesomest style, and then the picture with the most 'likes' will win. In order for people to like the picture, they must first like the profile page of the shop.

This kind of contest is quite common among new shops in facebook. By organizing such contest, a shop will gain publicity in a jiff because their shop name will be published everywhere for every 'likes' they get, not to mention quite a number of members too, because people who entered the contest will have to want their friends and families to like the page in order to make them vote.

So umm......

I hereby would like to promote my picture! I'm doing this just for fun, and also for the prizes! ;p

This contest is organised by a women's apparel shop.
For ladies, you can add up some great fashion choices to your shopping list by liking the page.
For guys who would also like to vote, no worries. You can also like the page, see wether you like my style, and vote for me! Yet you may not want to shop in a women's clothing shop, right? So what you can do is, you can always unlike the page after the contest is over. ;) Simple, right? So here is how you can vote for me:

Visit this facebook page: M2M Collection (click here)
Like the M2M Collection page first.
In the page's photos there's an album named "Show Me Ur Style Contest".
In the album, you may find my picture with the name Iliana Sulaiman.
If i'm not mistaken my pic is in the 3rd line in the album.
I'm contestant No.10.

Okay so that's it. Vote me y'all. Thank you! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

.C50 and Zapin.

Assalamualaikum and good day, peeps. :)

Hari ini permulaan hari yang tak berapa baik. Nak buka buku ilmiah tu macam agak mencabar sedikit. So tadi saya ambil peluang dengan minda yang tak keruan ni mentelaah buku lain.

Saya habiskan buku yang saya start baca kat dewan kuliah, like mentioned in the earlier post, Madeline Wickham's The Wedding Girl. Finished the whole book, and started a little bit on Sheila O'Flanagan's The Perfect Man. Tapi buku kedua tu baru baca sedikit, sebab tak lama lepas tu ada dapat hidayah sedikit untuk ulangkaji nota-nota Otorhinolaryngology (sounds sexy, isn't it?) yang tak habis-habis ni. Tapi tak lama kemudian surfing balik.

As i was blogsurfing, i came across 'Cabaran 50 novel setahun'. Thanks to Ain Sabrina, tuan punya Muslimah's Hour. She's been in this for i don't know how long. Since i have just finished a book, i thought i might join a lovely society of readers and take the challenge. Why not? Right? It's time to pick up a positive habit that i left behind for quite a time already. Reading books.

So may next post shall be about the synopsis of the book. For those who don't favour reading novels, i suggest you to skip the upcoming entry. If you love reading, or a fellow who's intending to take up reading as hobby, it's an honour to share my fiction digs with you all. :)

Okay. So,

Beberapa hari lepas after lunch, sambil menunggu proses peristalsis berlaku dengan jaya, saya berbual-bual dengan kawan baik saya Suzana. Ada beritahu Sue yang saya amat berminat dengan tarian dan bercadang untuk masuk kelas tarian kontemporari sewaktu cuti semester nanti. Mungkin juga angan-angan semata. Tapi memang betullah, saya minat.

So semalam, dia ajak saya pergi satu kelas tarian zapin kat pusat Mahasiswa USMKK. Menarik. Zapin is one of the traditional dances that interests me the most. The rhythm and the moves are just awesome, fast and artsy. Esok kelas tu. Pukul 9 pagi. Kalau sesiapa yang berminat dengan tarian zapin boleh la join. 9 pagi. Kalau tiada aral melintang, saya berkemungkinan besar masuk kelas tu esok. Tapi sekarang pukul 2 pagi pun belum tidur, so mungkin ada aral besar melintang jalan. But we'll see. Eheh.

Friday, February 18, 2011

ah. these mood swings.

i've been thinking too much lately. yes, that must be it. been thinking too much.

about unimportant things. emotional things.

emotion needs care, but not excessively, or it shall become an obsession.
once it is, it may be hard to come out from.

thus i should be thinking about something more appropriate, like my upcoming exam, which need quality studying.

okay. let's.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

.love diaries.

Assalamualaikum and good day. :)

Today i kick-start my day with a cuppa coffee and various plans on the things that i need to do during office hours. Simply because all of them involve people that works in the office. Such as;

My CFCS patient card that needs signature (To be submitted to the sister in the KKKK office. However, to submit it, i must first fill in my patient's family members' names and IC numbers. This can be done by calling my patient and asking him all the info),

My dental appointment (To be set with the nurse in the Klinik Pakar Gigi HUSM, according to Dr. Abdullah),

My car sticker form (To be submitted to the USMKK HEP dept. To be able to do this, i must have the photocopied car insurance sheet and grant that my father has with him. Shouldn't be a problem, since baba work near my campus and i can pick them up from him during lunch hour.)

Send out presents to my friends via pos laju (To be posted at the mini post office in campus).

Since IDA (the InterDisciplinary Activities, mainly lectures) starts early in the morning, i planned to get done with the things i mentioned during inter-lectures break and some in the afternoon.

As usual, my IDA session are filled with either
me, intensely absorbed into the lecture topic and jotting down (very rare situation)
me, reading fiction (not uncommon), or
me, talking in 20-25 desible intensity of voice with friends, a.k.a borak kosong (common), or
me, sleeping (surprisingly common. eheh).

So at 8.30am sharp, (i was on time), i started reading Madeline Wickham's The Wedding Girl. At 8.55am, there was an announcement, morning lecture was canceled. Chance to call my cfcs patient and straight to the KKKK Dept, yet i was still reading. Until 9.30am, i got to chapter 8 and stopped since Prof Nik Zainal, our phase coordinator, came in, warning us on the bad IDA attendance. He was saying all sorts of things like, we must always come to the session, 100% attendance expected this week onwards, and do not sign for your friends because apparently the academic office have some kind of forensic officer that can detect the fake signature, even the slightest bent.

Now i don't have the authority to say that it's not true, but saying out those things may not really be effective. I mean, it may be, if the implementation was carried out word by word. Me as the IDA 'runner', have been warned by the academic office the same thing since day 1. However, a different news was circulating, that seniors said IDA consist of no importance when it comes to our academic assessment. They themselves have been 'playing truant?' and faced no consequences. NO action at all. So why bother? In the end, the attendance are just based on some student's eagerness to learn and willingness to wake up in the early morning and fill in their attendance, not out of worry that they are going to be taken disciplinary action upon. So yeah, after the 'warning', most students were just, 'yeah whatever' or giggle cynically. Aih.. I just hope that if the academic office say so, they do so, so that it won't be an insult to the ones who really came every IDA morning. (sadly, not me. aih..i have also been absent a few times). Some lecturers confessed their curiosity to us wether we find the IDA helpful? Although with that much absentee i don't dare to say that it's not, since there are quite a number of 'enjoyable' lectures that give us info out of our usual academic scope, like the medico-legal lectures, disasters and forensic (when else are we going to have a 'disaster' lecture if not during IDA? and yes, 'Natural Disaster' was a lecture title). So the IDA remains, and absentee remains in their room. May Prof. Nik Zainal's words may alter the numbers.

Second lecture's break - i ended up playing Fruit Ninja on Faiz's iPod until the battery depleted. So the inter-lectures break were non-productive for me.

Done with the lectures, Ruby, Sue and I went for our gastroround. As usual, girls + lunch break + no evening class + air conditioned cafe = talk and talk and talk. Feeling full, I went back to my room, determined to call baba and get the car insurance thing, also to call my patient and submit the CFCS card today, when i saw my friends' unwrapped present (ah, forgot to wrap em and post em!).
The present i got them are somewhat a love diary. Although the diaries are already very pretty, i decided to add something to make them more special since i'm giving them to my best friends. I just add some quick notes to a few dates.

Just a simple hello.

a reminder of my buffday is a must. hehe

So these are what i've been doing till it's 15 minutes past 5 and along with it destroyed all hope to run errands concerning the mentioned offices above. Hope you guys like it when it reach your doorstep, sunshine(s). ;)

p/s: about the dental appointment, i totally forgot all about it. uhu.

Friday, February 11, 2011

.kamon kamon.

Assalamualaikum & good day, peeps. :)

I just wanted to ramble a short piece today,

telling you that,

'If only..' is simply not applicable to me anymore.

Everything i need is already within my reach right now.

Sounds so grand, isn't it? Chett..

But it's only very true.

All i have to do now is just want something, and straight to working my ass off for it.

Now that sounds more like it. Heh.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

.Age Is Just a Numbah.

Or so they say.

Let me tell you why I fear getting above 20.

Being 19, I think I'm allowed to get confused. I can always try, and mistakes are to be expected. Being 20, I just feel that we should already know things. It's like, someone telling me, "o just pick one already". I'm not allowed to stop at a junction, stare at the crossroads sign and contemplate, for there are just so much more to get through further ahead.

At 23, whenever I have some unsettled things inside my head, it's the same voice telling me constantly, making me more and more nervous, urging me to choose and NOT make mistake. It's like you're a pilot of Boeing747, and if you push the wrong button, all 359 passengers are going down.

Responsibility is such a big word. I believe it's true for most people. For a rather clueless girl like me, making choices is still a huge panic trigger. I once sweat, literally, when deciding wether i wanted to eat lunch at cafe or in my room. The same thing happened when i tried to decide wether i should allow my brother to go out with his friends when my parents left me in charge. I was already 22 at that time. But of course this doesn't happen all the time. I still manage to get most of my routine done without all the troublesome decision. Yet it still bothers me to grow up and have to make choices. Coz i'd still like mama to choose the suitable fabric for my Hari Raya apparels. Still wants my mama to tell me how many pots of rice to cook for a 5-people dine or 16 people dine...etc.

But I can't rely on others forever, can i? Sooner or later people may refer to me for advice or instructions like that. The stressful thing is, i don't know when or why my mind was set that 'training' time is over once 20 years old. Pass that, it's time to bring it to the table, act adult-like, and just do. I mean, aren't failures are to be applauded for you can learn from it? *sigh*

However instead of pitying my gerascophobic self, i might as well fight the panicking urge to make perfect decisions at the back of my head and grow old and wise, right? Keep moving forward, baby. :)

Have a great holiday, peeps. While there's still time. Eheh.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Naik Rumah Baru

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps!

And so i moved here.

hehehe..saja gedik. ;P

It's my first post here in Royal Ramble @ blogspot. I got nothing to write though. However since it's the 'moving out' day so i guess i should just post something up.


I'm promoting my online clothing store. ehehehe..

But beware, these stores are only for the ones who wants QUALITY clothings only!! ehehehe..

Take a look in my store for brand new clothings here:


Help me clean my wardrobe out by checking out preloved clothes here:

and whenever you guys hang out here in my web page, you can always go to the shop by clicking the lnik button at the sidebar.
Happy shopping! :)