Tuesday, December 29, 2009

.u wanna talk?.

Go on. But bear in mind, it's not without 'complication'.

Problem with talking too much:

#1 asking for too much attention.

#2 blaming & never forgiving.

#3 revealing own weakness without even realizing.

#4 misdirected anger and frustration leading to confusion and self-insecurity.

#5 u'll loose insight to what's right and wrong .

In conclusion, speak when needed, read before asking and ask to the right person at the right time unless to show how cheap, easy and immature you are.

This is just a personal documentation of a piece of thought i get from Wira. No relation to whoever howsoever. Don't find youself dwelling in this emo-seeming excerpt. Move on baby.

1 comment:

  1. Da agak da akan ada yg terasa. That's why i said don't dwell on it. Many of us have gone through such 'phase' kot. Only by having experienced such that we grow. :) and btw,
    i wonder who this anony'mus' is... hrmm..