Tuesday, April 13, 2010

.My Checklist Updates.

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you! :)

Remember these?

NOte-to-SeLf 4 pOsTExaM:

1. Work at Chek Sing.

2. Learn japanese seriously before fly in May.

3. Finish up the cross stitches.

4. Colour bedroom furnitures in WHITE.

5. Paint bathroom stripey purple or any other warna that makes sense.

6. Build rack for store room.

7. Make a rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock t-shirt.

8. Go along with sister Yati’s plan lah.

As you can see, there are a few crossed ones. Well actually, i didn't get the work at Chek Sing. Chek Sing is a botanical shop which sell plants for gardens. Apparently the job offer was taken back as he said he's going to do more of landscape jobs this season, (i don't know what 'seasons' does he go by) and will need more manpower (as in, MAN power). So a petite like me who's generally only useful for looking after the kedai and watering plants and transfering them from black bag to the pots isn't really necessary at this time of the 'season'. Kecewa. Ok, keep calm and moving on..

As for the Japanese language, i am now learning by heart. But i still can't figure much when i try visiting Japanese websites to train my efficiency in that language. It's okay (consoling myself), berakit-rakit ke hulu..plus, Ady and Ena will be there to translate for me. muehehehe....

And the storeroom, i didn't exactly build a new one, merely just modify the use of the old bookshelf to suit it's use in the store room as a tool rack.

Btw, i have white furnitures now! Yeay Yeay Yeay! :D

Here are some pics of us trying to D-I-Y.

the bro kurang membantu. ceh.

She hold the brush when I hold the camera. ;P

Applying undercoat.

Pakdin yang begitu banyak berusaha, esp masa baba datang checking us out. Makin putih dia lepas cat perabot tu. ;P

[caption id="attachment_413" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Before it was transformed. I kinda miss the old woody look. "][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_414" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="me being plumpy and bossy and all.."][/caption]

After all the demanding and crazy-hot madness under scorching sun, i don't think the troops will come back to give a hand when i cry out help the next time. haha.. ;P

Guess i'll be painting my bathroom purple by myself. (^^,)"


  1. ok jeles..
    aku jeles wan..
    banyaknya pembantu ko..
    aku tak start mengecat pun lagi ni..huhu
    haa purple..sama..mana aci tiru ni (^_^)

    minggu lepas rmah aku ni dah serabut sbb adik aku pun nyibok nak mengecat bilik dia..
    ok one more time jeles..bilik dia dah comel..
    bilik aku?? huhu
    ok semangat..ok nak start gak huhu

  2. hehe alhamdulillah dah siap ain.. so masa korg dtg tidur cni nnti xde la bau cat dah.. :) eh bilik aku mmg warna tu dari asal la..kan dah bagitaw kamu dulu. hari tu kami cuma cat perabot aja.

  3. wan. xaci2..pakdin n ady tlg meng'white'kn your furniture.
    da bley potong list tu..huhu
    wan nk g japan ni wat pe eh?

  4. ana, wan dah try potong list tu, tapi dia tak mahu appear kat sini..haiyya.