Saturday, March 5, 2011

i'm suppose to be in good mood. oh wait. i am. almost.

Assalamualaikum and good day y'all.

This week has started off quite well i should say, with the medical posting i've been so overly nervous about, turned out to be as interesting and urm, 'normal?' as it is. The pressure is on though, to have to recall most of the facts i learnt 2 years ago in 2nd year, especially when the memories that went through my hippocampus was a blurrr then, thus so are the ones coming out from my cerebral cortex now (if any).

With that good and reassuring of an entry intro, i shall put my mental breakdown a few days ago as bygone and not discuss it here. (and yet i still bring it up by a sentence. pfft. whadadouche. attention seeker. show-off-er.etc.)

This morning i started the day off with a knock on me door and Suzana's "hey, lets go to the zoo!and claim our coupon for the Big Breakfast at McD?" -which i succumbed to and as a sequel let my stomach filled with high carbs diet on Saturday morning though i promised myself to eat only fibre-filled dietary intake for a morning kick-off to ensure better digestion (and a slimmer look).
This is how the culprit look like:
I wasn't sure at what time a normal, bussiness hour (non-24 hours) McDonald's opens, so i drove to the one at Wakaf Che Yeh. This time, we parked at the front of the restaurant, making sure nobody can mess with my car while we dig in, like what happened to my friend's Kancil about a week ago.

Oh, have i told you?

That our car was broken into while we were ordering Vanilla Sundae? I think it was on Wednesday night, (or you could say it's Thursday morning, since it was at 2am) two weeks ago, that my peeps and i went for a supper after shopping at Wakaf Che Yeh 'uptown?' market. Parked at the lot at the back of the restaurant. After ordering and about to open the burger wrapper, a tough, tall, Awie-Wings lookalike dude came to us and asked wether we own a Kancil (and he mentioned the number). My friend wasn't sure of our ride's number since it's his roomate's car and he just borrowed it.

The dude left, but we went to the parking lot to check out if anything is wrong. Apparently something was. The window of the passenger door at the back was broken and our stuff was gone. The stuffs we shopped at the night market. We remembered what we bought were just a few cheap shirts and a beach ball. And those were taken. We were like, "apekejadah le bola pun nak amek. curik baju ngan tudung je plak tu. takde idea langsung nak mencuri. kalau takat bola pantai tu mintak pun aku bagi leee...tak pasal-pasal cermin keta kena pecah". Not in mood to enjoy our sundae no more, we drove back to campus, cursing the 'car-breaker?' along the way. When my friend went to fix the window the next morning, only then we found out that the thief wasn't dumber than us at all. The opposite may apply as it turned out he took away the car speaker, leaving us Rm430 poorer. Chett. haih... So yeah, for those who plans to enjoy a late-night meal at McD Wakaf Che Yeh, make sure you park at the front and do not leave any 'baits' in your car, like you know, the laptops, etc.

Anyway, the week went on normally, with classes and ward rounds, and more classes and ward rounds (though in the first week the ward rounds seems more to wondering around). There was once when we're having our bedside presentation session in HKB (Hospital Kota Bharu) i realised, that after going through 5 postings, and orthopaedics included, mind you, i still can't read a chest X Ray to save me arse at any point in me life. How sad is that for a 4th year? Aishhh. So you see, it's imperative for me to study and practice reading imaging investigation results now. Instead of blogging. So, umm, bubbye. I may now resume blabbering facts from notes in my sanctuary...
me sanctuary

Take care people. And to whom it may concern, i wuv yew. :)

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