Tuesday, May 17, 2011

.the wall.

Assalamualaikum and good day, peeps.

I was updating my facebook status with;

"The wall is building up higher and higher. If I don't start the climb now, it may be extra difficult for me to do so later. "

It then reminds me of how Dr. Zuryati (an excellent dentist from HUSM) motivated me when i was a little swamped with my Professional 2 exams.

She mentioned during her years as a dental sciences student in a foreign country, she once resided in an apartment opposite a construction site. In her window view, there was a man whose work is as hard labourer, cementing bricks to make the new building.

Everyday, she watched that man working in whatever condition the weather gave him, until the building is done. It was the same routine. Bricking walls, that man was, and he did it excellently although the weather was harsh on him. Never once that man was absent from his duty until the building was completed. So whenever she felt 'overwhelmed' with hardship, she'll always say,

"If that man can brick that wall, i can study until i meet my goal."

Now, that man is outside my window. ( in a non-hallucination kind of way. ;P )

Never give up, peeps. :)


  1. nice one ^_^.
    pray for me, aku exam khamis ni..radiology lagi.hihi.

  2. Hehe, Dr Zuryati, her work is always good :)