Friday, January 27, 2012

The Last Semester Break

Assalamualaikum and good day y'all!
Alhamdulillah dah selamat balik ke kampus. Tenang je rasa hari ni. mungkin sebab tak ramai yg ada di hostel ni.  So i take this time to wash the clothes, spring-clean the room (kinda), and prepare the whatnots, ready to take on the second (and the last!) semester of my studies. Dalam masa free ni boleh la nak update blog sekejap.

Got a week off for chinese new year. And i think i spent em wisely. Met the people i wanted to meet & done the things i've longed to do. Cuma geng-geng TK saje yang tak sempat nak melepak sekali ari tu, since busy sangat jaga kedai. Cinau rindu katenye, tapi tak singgah ke kedai pun. *sad*

Tauke kedua

Anyway, had great time during the holiday. Balik rumah now, for me, means to take on the duty as the Cherry Boutique's manager, jadi pemangku Pn Rohani kejap. Sangatlah penat me tell ya. Melayan kerenah customer one by one. Adeh. But it's all worth it! I'm glad, dapat ringan kan beban mama walaupun sedikit je. Kami ada pekerja seorang je, Siti nama dia. Rajin budak ni, peramah jugak. Untunglah dapat pekerja yg boleh dipercayai macam ni. =)

Tauke ketiga

 Jaga kedai dengan budak-budak ni lah. The little monkeys. Or as i call them, brothers. Tauke ketiga tu tak jaga kedai sangat pun. More to makan tidur sahaja.

Kadang-kadang jaga kedai ni boring jugak kalau time tak ada customer. Nak study pun tak sesuai dgn condition kat kawasan kedai yg bising dgn lagu-lagu semua. So in the mean time, i tried to open up Cherry Boutique to the netizens. Thanks to this social media called Facebook! =D So i called up my best friend Atikah, when she came and visit i asked her to become our model for Cherry Boutique. Me, the stylist and photographer. Hehe padahal tak style sangat pun suruh Atikah pakai sendiri je tudung tu. ;P Here are the result:

Hehe cun sangat model ni sampaikan ada yg like page tu semata-mata nak berkenalan dengan model. Siap tinggal nombor telefon kat ruang komen lagi. kihkihkih. ;P Thanks for helping out, love.

After the so-called photoshoot, of course we camwhored a little!

Yang tengah tu adik Atikah, comel macam kakak baju kuning tu. Eh. Haha
Ok satu gambar je. Nama pun camwhore, yang lain simpan dalam phone kitorang je cukup. 

Yeah so it happens, the Cherry Boutique, now available on Facebook! Jemput like ya.Thanks lads. =D

And oh! Another duper awesome thing is that i finally had the chance to join the tweeps for a charity event in HKL. You see, in twitter, there's this group caled the CP (Caring People), me myself not so sure it's an official NGO or what, but one things for certain is the peeps there, they're good people, doing good deeds, insyaAllah. So for those who have a twitter account and interested to join the volunteering activity, read about CP in here: CelakaParty.

What we do in HKL that day, for Toys4Kidz event (you can find the hashtag on twitter), is to visit and give out toys to the kids. It's a way to show remembrance to those who's staying in the hospital, short-term, or long-term & also to appreciatete kids' patience and strength, bearing with and fighting the sickness. It ain't easy, being 10 and having cancer. Or being 1 year old, and having to go through major surgery! Hope that our presence, along with the clowns, had cheered them up. =)

Here are some pics from the event, credit goes to all CP comrades. I'm just not sure whose camera is which! ;P

The comrades.

The toys. 
We got sponsors from Celcom, Maxis, and Astro too. Tahniah kepada semua AJK-AJK Toys4Kidz yg bertungkus lumus mengumpulkan permainan ini semua. Syabbas betteih! Saya bukan AJK. Saya ahli kekecik je. ;P

Here's our hilarious emcee, Mr.Andy and the buffday boy, De Mekdi. Boy did they spam the mic!

A portion of the audience. Tekun je mendengar bebelan kat depan.

Miss TyRaz getting busy. One of the usher of the day.

Here's Mr.President, JC. Followed him on twitter long ago, and for that 'long ago', i was reckoning him as a malignant person. But in reality, a kind-hearted man. But still, not for the fain=hearted. ;P

Cian adik ni. Kekecik dah kena masuk banyak wires.

Mr. Andy beramah mesra dengan one of the kids. Tak semua ni pesakit tau. Kids yg melawat je pun boleh join.

Yang bertudung merah tu saje enterprem.

The Clown! =D

Stella's charm cheering the kids up!

Giving out the toys to the kids, dalam masa yg sama bertanya khabar penjaga dia jugak.

With Akak mas_IFP & itseddyall. Abaikan ekspresi buruk si tudung merah.

With kamy @ camille. ;)

The ones from my camera are only the last two. Yang lain tu plagiarism. Hehe

I'm sorry i'm not so good in describing how the day went. This post alone is lengthy enough for me. hehe.. But i know someone who does! Here, you can read about the Toys4Kidz event on _uculer's blog: Enjoy! =8)

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