Sunday, June 7, 2009

.screwed gum.

As i reviewed my previous posts, i realized i havent elaborated about certain things i promised. Like..the screw in my gum. Haha that still sounds gross. ;P

Hehe like ms.Zahirah Ardy had guessed, it IS the implant! ding ding ding!! *jackpot!* :D

Fo peeps who's been reading, u guys knew the case. And the sequel to it, on 31st May, i went to the USM dental specialist, into the surgery room 1, and did the procedure. Just that. Hehe..nothing special. Nothing exciting. Gum screwed. I didnt feel a thing of course, as i was anesthesized. Yet i perspired my temples. Well who wouldnt? When you can hear the dentist telling the nurses over your head..for things like.."knives." "stitches." and "blood." It was psychologically disturbing, and i kinda felt bit of the 'pain'. haiyos.. glad it's (not all) over now.

I still have to go for checkups, coz the implant may develop complication, or fail. Only 6 weeks later will i be able to have the crown on.

Pray fo me ya! :) Minna arigato~!!

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  1. of course i guessed it right because father is having two of 'em! ^_^ so yours already had a crown attached to the screw?