Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Buffday Ira!

12th June 1988 was the day my twin, Ira, was born. That's 57 days before I was born. :P

Wish you only the best of life these 365 days to come, miamor!

siti nadirah

Now at the age of twenty-one,
Life has truly just begun.
Hope and wish, your dreams come true,
Along the way, a gorgeous view

eppy buffday! (^-^)


  1. diz is the 1st time i read ur simple but still tarik perhatian i tuk bc ape2 je yg u tulis..berbakat gak ni tuk jd journalist..huhu,tq so much my twin!!! i'm so excited..terharu sgt2..donno wat 2 say da..luv u wan~mmuahh!!!

  2. Oh, you have a twin?! Besnya!
    Happy Birthday Ira yang bermata besar!