Tuesday, June 21, 2011

.something is just not right tonight.

Assalamualaikum, and good evening there. :)

A lot has happened since i last blogged. I need not to elaborate further on what's been happening since nothing's worth telling anyway. I am no awesome tiny Canadian, namely Ellen Page, for an instance.

I am now in Penang, Minden campus, more specifically, for the centralised training session with my teammates. All in all, tonight i feel the worst. I feel like i am the worst player in the team up to now. Perhaps i am, perhaps i'm not. God i hope not.

My night training session tonight was a disaster. I played horrifically. No chance to win whatsoever with that kind of game, i told myself. Yet do not know what to do with it, since there's only 3 days left before MASUM. It's challenging for me to keep up with these people in my team, what more the opponents. It didn't start out like this though. When i first joined the practice, yesterday, i was eager. Eager to learn and practice. I don't know why but i feel like people has give up on me. I haven't give up with myself, no. But it seems like nobody would like to correct my mistakes. People just keep telling me, practice more. Well it may be alright if i am a top player or something, who just need to brush up a little. But i'm somewhat a noob i can't say. Please let me feel like i am needed in the team. Please let me know i am needed to play good game and win it for the team. We are one, aren't we? For now i think maybe i'm gonna be put in the game we're ready to 'tuang', if not benched.

And hell i hate it that i am now reading only medical books. How i hate that.
Things are just hateful tonight.

Think i'm just in a bad mood?

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