Wednesday, June 22, 2011

♪Rain rain go away♬.. No wait. Come back here!

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps. Good rainy day. ;P

I get up at 7am this morning (Subuh gajah does not apply here), to get ready for the morning practice. When i suddenly hear thunder roaring from afar. Though it was quite a vague sound actually, i convinced myself, 'no practice today. might as well get more beauty sleep. yeap.'

An hour later, Madihah my roomate wake me up saying it's already 8am and we should get ready. Darn. I couldn't even open my eyes. Unfortunately, the weather has cleared and the sky was as bright as ever to welcome us to the court. Aih.. And so we got ready and went.

Warmed up, a few strokes and then, 'roar'. Yeap. as expected. bye court. hello Khaleel! hahah.

It's a split decision actually. A part of me wish the rain would stay steamed up as clouds so that i can practice for the tournament. but some of me kinda wish it would drizzle just a lil bit longer so that i can meet up with Anees Rahman & Azyan Ahmad this evening, (if Yan isn't busy with her lab stuffs of course), and have the practice at night! hehehe..

Okay that's selfish. (-.-")

Now sing again!
☁ ~rain rain go away~ come again another day~ ☂

oh by the way, i got myself a brand new Wilson BLX Team tennis bag. hurrah! ;P

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