Thursday, August 6, 2009

.cheap things in free time.

Cheap things I do in my free hours. They’re very costly though, for my future profession well-being.

1. I sleep. A lot.
2. I drink coffee, and stare out the window. Airheaded.
3. I scribble/write/doodle nonsenses.
4. I clean my room, rearrange my stuffs repeatedly in one session. Organidler (organizing, yet idling).
5. I go to a mall, tailor in bookstores, browse through books. (this one not really cheap, I have to pay for tren, topup car’s gas -if it's KB mall- and sometimes end up buying good titles)
6. I say a word out loud, and try to think of the early days of its invention.
7. I read blogs.
8. I google lovely photos/graphics and save them in lappy.
9. I look for random international addresses and send a Hi! postcard, without my address on. (haven’t done this for a long time. last was in matriculation college)
10. I shop for windows, online.
11. I go for a walk.
12. I look around in bazaar, trying to decide my emotion towards beggars and the alternatives they could/should be.
13. I stare at my notes/textbooks.
14. I print something out.

Btw, I don’t count reading newspaper as cheap things to do in free time.

i will do 1 thing today

What do you do in your free time?

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