Thursday, February 17, 2011

.love diaries.

Assalamualaikum and good day. :)

Today i kick-start my day with a cuppa coffee and various plans on the things that i need to do during office hours. Simply because all of them involve people that works in the office. Such as;

My CFCS patient card that needs signature (To be submitted to the sister in the KKKK office. However, to submit it, i must first fill in my patient's family members' names and IC numbers. This can be done by calling my patient and asking him all the info),

My dental appointment (To be set with the nurse in the Klinik Pakar Gigi HUSM, according to Dr. Abdullah),

My car sticker form (To be submitted to the USMKK HEP dept. To be able to do this, i must have the photocopied car insurance sheet and grant that my father has with him. Shouldn't be a problem, since baba work near my campus and i can pick them up from him during lunch hour.)

Send out presents to my friends via pos laju (To be posted at the mini post office in campus).

Since IDA (the InterDisciplinary Activities, mainly lectures) starts early in the morning, i planned to get done with the things i mentioned during inter-lectures break and some in the afternoon.

As usual, my IDA session are filled with either
me, intensely absorbed into the lecture topic and jotting down (very rare situation)
me, reading fiction (not uncommon), or
me, talking in 20-25 desible intensity of voice with friends, a.k.a borak kosong (common), or
me, sleeping (surprisingly common. eheh).

So at 8.30am sharp, (i was on time), i started reading Madeline Wickham's The Wedding Girl. At 8.55am, there was an announcement, morning lecture was canceled. Chance to call my cfcs patient and straight to the KKKK Dept, yet i was still reading. Until 9.30am, i got to chapter 8 and stopped since Prof Nik Zainal, our phase coordinator, came in, warning us on the bad IDA attendance. He was saying all sorts of things like, we must always come to the session, 100% attendance expected this week onwards, and do not sign for your friends because apparently the academic office have some kind of forensic officer that can detect the fake signature, even the slightest bent.

Now i don't have the authority to say that it's not true, but saying out those things may not really be effective. I mean, it may be, if the implementation was carried out word by word. Me as the IDA 'runner', have been warned by the academic office the same thing since day 1. However, a different news was circulating, that seniors said IDA consist of no importance when it comes to our academic assessment. They themselves have been 'playing truant?' and faced no consequences. NO action at all. So why bother? In the end, the attendance are just based on some student's eagerness to learn and willingness to wake up in the early morning and fill in their attendance, not out of worry that they are going to be taken disciplinary action upon. So yeah, after the 'warning', most students were just, 'yeah whatever' or giggle cynically. Aih.. I just hope that if the academic office say so, they do so, so that it won't be an insult to the ones who really came every IDA morning. (sadly, not me. aih..i have also been absent a few times). Some lecturers confessed their curiosity to us wether we find the IDA helpful? Although with that much absentee i don't dare to say that it's not, since there are quite a number of 'enjoyable' lectures that give us info out of our usual academic scope, like the medico-legal lectures, disasters and forensic (when else are we going to have a 'disaster' lecture if not during IDA? and yes, 'Natural Disaster' was a lecture title). So the IDA remains, and absentee remains in their room. May Prof. Nik Zainal's words may alter the numbers.

Second lecture's break - i ended up playing Fruit Ninja on Faiz's iPod until the battery depleted. So the inter-lectures break were non-productive for me.

Done with the lectures, Ruby, Sue and I went for our gastroround. As usual, girls + lunch break + no evening class + air conditioned cafe = talk and talk and talk. Feeling full, I went back to my room, determined to call baba and get the car insurance thing, also to call my patient and submit the CFCS card today, when i saw my friends' unwrapped present (ah, forgot to wrap em and post em!).
The present i got them are somewhat a love diary. Although the diaries are already very pretty, i decided to add something to make them more special since i'm giving them to my best friends. I just add some quick notes to a few dates.

Just a simple hello.

a reminder of my buffday is a must. hehe

So these are what i've been doing till it's 15 minutes past 5 and along with it destroyed all hope to run errands concerning the mentioned offices above. Hope you guys like it when it reach your doorstep, sunshine(s). ;)

p/s: about the dental appointment, i totally forgot all about it. uhu.


  1. ooo0 mmmm gggg~
    so00 sweettt darling!!!
    sape kata a d0c forever nerd.
    ekeke! rinduuuu kaw :')

  2. Thanks a zillion!
    Love the diary, and you as well!
    sooo sweet..! ^_^