Thursday, July 21, 2011

.The Traffic Ore.

Tadi blogsurfing. Jumpa satu blog kempen-kempen
Klik kat situ. Lepas tu macam tertarik dengan website tu kemudian daftar.
Lepas daftar follow la steps dia on how to benefit from the site kan. U know, the usual drill, letak link dia, and add widgets on your blog and whatnots.
On the next step, it asks you to post your stuff on the site, to promote your blog.
I'm clueless on how to do this since i do not know how to promote my blog.
It seems that i write what i write and if you want to read it, i let you read it.
Thus i browse through the posts from users who posted there.
Ok tajuk-tajuk yang memang tak mengundang my reading langsung.
I went, "WTH?" Semua ala-ala commercial blog ni. Tapi bila try klik tak ada la commercial sangat pun blog nya. Personal je. Then i suddenly realize.

I ain't gonna be no traffic whore.

p/s: No offense, peeps. We may agree to disagree. *eh, reminded me of a fellow blogger But Then Again.*

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  1. salam cik wan iliana..

    lama tidak ketemu..^^

    tag mu utk cntest ni :