Tuesday, July 19, 2011

USM ranked #1 in Top 50. Wow. I mean, wow.

Assalamualaikum and good day peeps. :)

Ok my MCQ exam is tomorrow but i can't help it that i've drank 2 cuppa coffee and gettin a lil hyper! So as the consequence i kinda browse through everything in my FB and tweet endlessly in my twitter. Ok itu hyperbola. Tak tahu nak post apa sangat pun kat twitter.

Anyway tadi exam clinical. Ok lah, dapat case osteosarcoma (that is, a malignant bone tumour commonly occur in boys). Dr. Amran pun baik tadi, walaupun tanya banyak, and banyak juga tak dapat jawab, tapi senyuman dia macam nak bagi lulus aje? *berharap*

Lepas exam singgah kat gerai si Pidot & si Roy. They all buat attachment kat hospital. Rajin bebenor. Kreatif tak kreatif they all ni, sambil attachment sambil cari rezeki jual dadih & jersi kat laluan utama hospital. So tadi beli 2 dadih mangga, cari satu tempat duduk kat hospital, makan dadih sejuk sambil tengok gelagat orang ramai lalu lalang. Banyak pengajaran dapat on moral behaviour in public places, tapi banyak jugak buat dosa, sebab kutuk fesyen orang ramai yang ntah apa-apa, dalam hati. *so nanti mungkin tak boleh macam tu lagi*

Selepas pulang dari hospital tadi, balik buka facebook terus nampak satu link yang LeeSing post di FB wall. Titled Ranking University di Malaysia, posted with the status "#1 ranking? Rery unbelivable!!!' LeeSing is my team mate in USM tennis. So it's only natural to think that he's talking about USM right? But he's right, it's unbelievable. Don't get me wrong, i'm 'patriotic' and all for my alma mater, but isn't UM kinda the 'Pak Long' of all the universities in Malaysia? Been ranked 180th in the world even. So i wonder how can a better ranked university internationally get ranked below USM which was ranked 300+ in the list. What i'm trying to say is, i don't know much about university rankings, what are the criterias? which play more role in it, undergrads or postgrads? and whatnots. Have been meaning to look more into it. But since exam esok, i'll let it pass first. (Man, I make such a big fuss about the exam aren't i? Perhaps it's because for now i don't have a much more significant aspect of my life rather than that.) It's so important to me. So yeah. Doakan ya? ;) Thank you lads.

You can look at the rankings here: http://beritasemasa.com/ranking-universiti

p/s: tapi universiti top-ranked pun, study kena kuat juga. kalau tak..same aje masuk mana-mana universiti pun. huu..(-.-")

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