Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Salam & good day peeps.
I'm sorry today i can't really put a smiley miley there (i name it miley. cute tak?) since am not really in a good mood.

Ok now nak mengadu tentang hal remeh ni.

Me lappy browser just kennnott get any slower. Grr. Just a piece of problem for each. When i use Google Chrome to blog, it does not show coloured text where it's supposed to. *macam mana nak emphasise some stuffs in my blog like that?* When i use Internet Explorer, it's not only mellow slow, but it also doesn't record me as the user. When i view my blog and wanna make amendments, i have to log in every time. Same goes to when i want to reply a comment by readers. Kadang-kadang tu tak login2. Atoinye.. As if that's not annoying enough, it HANGS too. =.=" Anybody knows how to handle these problems regarding the browsers?

Ok tu saja. Mintak maaf banyak merapu negatif di sini. Tak ada orang sangat nak berborak di rumah ni. huhu

p/s: tadi ada orang datang rumah. instead of bagi salam, dia panggil-panggil nama saja. banyak kali juga macam itu. maklumlah, rumah saya ni macam free access, people come and go insanely often. sebab kedai baju belum buka, so inilah kedainya. but still, i think it's rude not to give salam upon coming to people's house. i hope i will never forget to give salam whenever i visit other's.


  1. why dont u try mozilla firefox, dear. google crome mmg agak berat. die gune kite punye ram agak banyak and it will make your lappy work slower. mozilla more simple than google crome. kalau nak wat die cantek, u can personalize your web browser.

  2. hr tu download firefox, mcm ada prob ckit. xpa nnti i'll try again. thanx anna! :)