Monday, August 1, 2011

.my readytoeats.

Assalamualaikum and good Ramadhan day to all my muslim readers. :)

Whew what a day. I've been sitting here at my desk all day long, drawing (more to sketching actually) floor plans for my mom's upcoming clothing shop. Being a biology student, (ok i don't speak for all bio students, so pls refer to specifically me. hihih) i now know that it's hard to draw floor plans with super straight lines! Especially when i'm not a big fan of the ruler. Thus, the sketching only. A LOT have to be put into considerations when sketching a shop plan. Display area, hot stuffs area, lounging area (since it's like a homey boutique kind of thing, so this is crucial), solah area, counter table, the walpapes, and whatnots. When you try to fit them all in detailed proportionated drawings with a proper measurement, it's hard. tsk.tsk.

My drawing desk is like a Japanese table, which the seats are just pillows, so sitting there for long hours make me have positional hypotension. Everytime bangun sure pening punya. Puasa pulak tu kan.. Ark! Merungut! Mana boleh merungut Iliana..ibadah tu.. huhu. OK sorry. ;P

Anyways, while doing the work, it's not like i'm such a workaholic, drawing plans all the time kan, (i'm not even a real architect/plan designer to begin with! heh.) so i do play around in the cyber social network pages. I FB-ed, i tweet, iYM-ed, i g-talked, and so on. So it happens that i chat with one of my darlas today (like, duh~ bffs kot), Nurul Ella (thats her FB name). She had just opened a company, in partnership with her brother. They sell ready-to-eat meals that are super delicious. Being a good gf that i am, *ehem*, i would like to promote my friends' first company's products, AINO Ready-To-Eat Fish products.

This product serves the authentic traditional Malaysian cooking that is suitable for modern living regardless of race and also suitable for those whoa re always ON THE RUN and TRAVELLING. It contains not only gravy, but fish filling too!

Available in 4 types of flavour :
1. Fish Curry (Kari Ikan)

2. Yellow Curry Fish (Lemak Cili Padi Ikan)
3. Hot & Sour Fish (Asam Pedas Ikan)

4. Tomyam Fish (Tomyam Ikan).

And, good news for all sambal lovers, they also have ready-to-eat sambals!

Available in 4 types of flavour:
1. Shrimp Paste (Sambal Belacan)
2. Anchovies Paste (Sambal Ikan Bilis)
3. Dried Shrimp Paste (Sambal Udang Kering)
4. Squid Paste (Sambal Sotong)

With so many choices that can be ready in just 5 minutes, you can't say you don't have the time for a proper meal during sahur anymore!

So what are ya waiting for? Try aino pack now! Available @ TUNAS MANJA stores, KLIA, or for easy shopping, you can also order it straight online. Like it's FB page for more info.

You can visit & like AINO facebook page here. Thank you folks! Enjoy your fish meals! ;P Take care.


  1. hello my dear friend...haha..lama x jumpa..anyway tgk ad ko pasal aino..haha..aku x setuju sebab aku suka msk sendiri..

    tu je nak ckp..bye...

    p/s: puasa2 jgn marah~~ haha

  2. kaw on the run ke we? haha.. kaw lepak kat rumah ada dapur sume best lah..cube kalau yg kat hostel ke..yg xda dapur tu.. yg kat oversea susah nk cari mknan halal ke..kan best dapat aino. hihih.

    we..boring ye..nak buka puasa sama2 roger2 la. hehe..